Sony Teasers SINISTER 6 Movie Appearance ... sort of

Sinister 6
Credit: Sony

Could the Sinister Six be in the Amazing Spider-Man movie future? Well, maybe for the third installment, though this new image released with publicity stills for Amazing Spider-Man 2 to Empire does include a cheeky paint job on a soundstage done just for the production.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due in US theaters May 2, 2014.

In other brief Marvel movie news, Disney has announced this fall they’re adding an attraction at Disneyland where guests will be able to visit Asgard and "come face-to-face with the Mighty Avenger, Thor."

This is of course part of the marketing push for November’s Thor: The Dark World and should be in similar vein to the Disneyland’s Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries/Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor featured at the park this summer in support of Iron Man 3.

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