Invasion of the BAT-BOTS Latest 'What's New in the New 52'

Art from Talon #12
Credit: DC Comics

New artist Emanuel Simeoni is coming to Talon, and the latest "What's New in the New 52" features the artist's take on "the bat-bots."

The story in Talon #12, according to DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, has Talon and Batman teaming-up to hunt down Bane. They use the Bat-Bots, first from Batman, Inc, to run recon in Santa Prisca, but discover something unexpected.

"In TALON #12, Calvin Rose and Batman have joined forces to track down Bane. But that’s not the only team-up happening in the book! In an attempt to reclaim Gotham, Bane has made allies with the former head of the Court of Owls, and together, they’re amassing an army to take back the city.

In order to find Bane, Calvin and Batman send an army of Bat-Bots to Santa Prisca. Alas, what they discover is not exactly what they were looking for. Appearing for the first time since their introduction in BATMAN, INCORPORATED, these Bat-Bots have holographic vision and are quickly becoming an integral tool in the Dark Knight’s utility belt. Above, take a look at Simeoni’s depiction of the Bat-Bots in action. And don’t forget to pick up BATMAN #23.4: BANE and BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.2: THE COURT OF OWLS to see the seeds of this incredible story being planted."

Emanuel Simeoni
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