Artist Conceptualizes a Series of AVENGERS Adult ... Eh ... 'Toys'

Marvel's THE AVENGERS Black Widow
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Balazs Sarmai

The most buzz-worthy movie of last summer was Marvel’s The Avengers, and now a design artist has conceptualized a line of products to help recapture some of that ‘buzz’ for adult audiences… If you know what we mean.

Artist Balazs Sarmai has designed a series of conceptual grown-up … ummmm….‘toys’, inspired by the Marvel superhero blockbuster.

Just like DC’s Justice League-inspired Kia Motor automobiles – arguably another adult toy – each Avengers product is inspired by a member of the movie team, and each feature their own appropriate “unique abilities and superpowers.”

The Iron Man-inspired product features a “twin motor”, the Thor model uses electricity to do its job, and the Hawkeye edition is good at marksmanship.. if you know what we mean. The Hulk model is [redacted].

If you’d like to take a look at more of the artwork of the conceptual line at your pleasure, Google ‘design taxi, avengers’ and look for the first link.

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