Marvel and Disney's 'SOMETHING WEIRD' Teaser 2 - 'Do You Dare Enter?'

Something Weird teaser 2
Credit: Marvel Comics / Disney Imagineering

Ahead of the D23 expo at Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, Marvel teased "Something Weird" with more details at the expo. Well, it may have been light on the actual "details" part, but there was at least a little more. A poster was revealed, and the poster, while again, not actually telling anyone what this new comic project from Marvel Comics and Disney Imagineering is, did have an AR video included.

"Hello True Believers, are you ready to get weird? Stay tuned for more demented details," teased editor Bill Rosemann in the Marvel AR video that accompanied the teaser. A final note promising "a weird update in September" flashed on the screen, and that's it.

Most speculation has gone toward some kind of Haunted Mansion related project, based around the popular attraction at Disneyland and Disney World. A comic project based on the ride Space Mountain is already in the works, as well.

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