Is Vin Diesel Saying 'I AM GROOT' with Facebook Post?

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy
Credit: Marvel Comics

Vin Diesel has been active on his Facebook fan page, trumpeting an upcoming announcement of a role in a Marvel Studios film. Guardians of the Galaxy is currently filming, and has two CGI characters who currently remain voiceless. Are we all tracking here?

About 17 hours ago, Sunday afternoon, Diesel's Facebook cover photo became the one you see above, of Groot from GOTG. Groot is, for lack of a better term, a tree person from Planet X, who may or may not be king. He can grow back from the smallest twig, and becomes best friends with fellow soon-to-be-CGI'ed teammate Rocket Raccoon. Rocket is also the only member of the team that can understand what Groot is saying, due to his strange vocal chords - everyone else (including the readers) just hears "I AM GROOT!" over and over.

So, is the photo a red herring/misdirection? After all, Diesel also dropped subtle hints about The Vision previously. Or is Diesel really warming up to just say three words in a couple hundred different ways? It seems like a bit of a waste for a big name to just be saying one line. Maybe that's his best friend he's promoting, and he'll be Rocket? Or maybe Diesel just really likes tree people. More expected soon.

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