3D VILLAINS MONTH Covers Sell-Out, $2.99 2D Covers Shipping Same Day

DC October 2013 solicitations - Collections
Credit: DC Comics

DC's Villains Month is already a sell-out success, almost a full month before the first special issue even hits the stands.

That's the news out of DC Comics' "Direct Channel" retailer newsletter, which announced to retailers that the 3D motion covers for all fifty-two Villains Month specials are sold out at a publisher level, meaning every copy they planned to print has been allocated to retailers. To fulfill further demand, DC will now have a Standard Edition 2D cover, priced at $2.99 (the 3D issues are at $3.99), which will ship the same day as the special versions. As a side note, digital editions of the Villains Month books will also be $2.99 and will not include any kind of 3D cover.

A special "Villains Month: 3D Motion Complete Set" collection will come in December, 2013, made print-to-order. The set will include all fifty-two Villains Month issues with 3D covers, plus a 3D cover of Forever Evil #1, priced at $199.99, a savings of about eleven bucks. The issues can be ordered by comic book stores until August 12, so fans need to place those orders quickly if they want the whole set. All fifty-three comics in the set will be labled as second editions.

Finally, the news-packed newsletter also increased the Final Order Cutoff date of Forever Evil #1 to August 12, 2013. The book will still ship on September 4, 2013, with a standard edition and an incentive 3D Motion variant. Retailers can order one copy of the 3D variant for every 25 copies of the standard edition. The newsletter also teased "some big news coming in the next few days" related to Forever Evil, so stay tuned for more.

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