War of Light, New Gods, Amazons, Oh My: DCU ONLINE Going Strong Into Next Gen

Screen from Sons of Trigon in DCUO
Credit: SOE

The “Future of DC Universe Online” panel at this year's SOE Live event in Las Vegas took dedicated fans of the superheroic MMO beyond the upcoming Sons of Trigon expansion and laid out a road map for the release of over a half dozen new or long promised pieces of content.

Before going forward however, DCUO Senior Creative Director Jens Andersen took a step back to review two recent updates, Home Turf and Origin Crisis. On the former he was proud to announce that the player-constructed bases added in the Home Turf update will soon be subject to PvE invasion including attacks from DC Universe heroes and villains, not just other players. Home Turf will also see the long desired Armories added. These will allow players to not only set up loadouts for quick changes, but display their best armor sets in virtual display cases for everyone invited to see them. On the subject of Origin Crisis, the developers will soon be tweaking the difficulty settings downward a little to provide just the right amount of challenge.

From individual lairs to league (guild) halls, the Halls of Power DLC is coming and it will be free for every player at every level. Halls of Power will be the home for the game's new leaderboard system. League admins will be able to place pedestals in their halls that will contain the leaderboards and after setting them up with the metric they want to track. Andersen hinted at them not being limited to basic things like kills but a number of statistics that can be mixed and matched to show a more true measure of a player's greatness. Once the leader is determined, they will be honored with a massive statue of their character in their league hall, akin to the huge statures of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman that stand in the Justice League Watchtower.

On the subject of major new story content, the folks running DC Universe Online look to be taking a page from their brothers at EverQuest, announcing that two new storylines will take place in three parts. The first three part DLC event will be called War of the Light and will introduce Saint Walker and the Blue Lanterns to the DCUO. Like Sons of Trigon's alternate Gotham, this expansion will take place in a alternate Metropolis where the titular War of the Light is taking place. Anderson revealed that not only will players see Ranx and Mojo trading blows in the sky, as the storyline continues the balance of the Emotional Spectrum will make their debuts, including one lantern color “that's no color at all.”

The second set of three DLCs is tentatively titled Amazon Fury and as the name points out the Amazons are mad and on the attack. Something has driven Queen Hippolyta insane and she has ordered her people to attack the world of man, bringing with them not only a legion of powerful female warriors but masses of creatures straight out of classic Greek mythology.

Andersen was careful to add that even though each of these were coming in three parts, they would not be released one after another. War of the Light and Amazon Fury chapters will toggled between each other and between other content like Halls of Power, which Andersen then circled back to, revealing that it s there that the New Gods of the Fourth World will make their debut in DCUO. Storyline missions will not only have the denizens of New Genesis and Apokolips invading Earth and player's individual lairs, but have players traveling to the fantastic worlds created by Jack Kirby.

Andersen then announced that not only is SOE shooting to have the digital version of DCU Online ready for the launch of the PlayStation 4 they have no plans to discontinue support for the PS3 version. Also the PS4 version will be completely compatible with the PS3 version for cross-platform play, but will not be cross-platform with PC, as initially reported here..

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