Could AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Feature a Superhero Team-Up?

Hanging Out in Amazing Spider-Man 2
Credit: Sony Pictures

We know that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is featuring a wider variety of villains. We have Rhino - or at the very least the man who will become the beast, Electro, and rumors of Green Goblin making an appearance in some form or another. Then there were rumors that Felicity Jones' role may be as another familiar face to Spidey fans, miss Felicia Hardy.

Of course, Felicia Hardy also happens to dress up in a costume and alternately commit or fight crime as the Black Cat.

In a new interview with Den of Geek, producer Avi Arad did not confirm that Black Cat, or any other hero, will appear in this movie. However, he also didn't deny it.

"Uh... I’d rather not answer that at this point. This is what the word ‘spoiler’ means. We want to always leave the audience with a couple of surprises. All of a sudden, you feel like, yeah, there’s a continuity. So if we say today how we go about it, we’d take away from the surprise of the movie," Arad said in response to a question about another Marvel Hero appearing in the film.

This is the definition of a tease, but it comes at a very interesting time in the world of super hero film. Marvel Studios' own superhero lineup has of course always been growing, starting with Iron Man, leading to the Avengers, and soon growing out into the far reaches of space with Guardians of the Galaxy. Fox, meanwhile, has plans to expand the X-Men franchise, with an X-Force movie currently being written, and creative consultant Mark Millar suggesting there are as many as ten possible "golden franchises" within the X-verse.

Over on the other side of the proverbial street, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are expanding in two directions - both on television and in film. What we know for sure is that Batman will appear in the Man of Steel sequel and The Flash will appear on Arrow this season. Both are examples of a studio taking an exisitng successful character and using them to expand into a larger universe.

So will familiar faces from the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe start appearing as early as Amazing Spider-Man 2? It's very likely they will. Mary Jane Watson's introduction being bumped to a third film certainly frees up a little space for an extra character. Being limited to non-mutant non-Avengers characters may at first seem to narrow the starting lineup, but that still leaves characters like Black Cat, Prowler, Puma, Rocket Racer, the Slingers, some form of Spider-Girl, Morbius, and perhaps even characters like Firestar or Silver Sable.

And if Marc Webb, Avi Arad, and company wanted to be really bold, there are a couple of characters that would allow Andrew Garfield to show some range, and would make a lot of 90s (and current) comic book fans go nuts (both positively and negatively) named Ben and Kaine - but that's probably a little too crazy for a mainstream live action audience, right?

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