Image's CHEW Getting 2nd Shot at Screen Adaptation

Exclusive Image Preview: CHEW #1 [MR]

John Layman and Rob Guillory’s cibopathic detective has a new chance to take a bite out of Hollywood.

After Chew’s pilot with Showtime failed to get picked up for a series order, Jeff Krelitz and Quality Transmedia picked up the option, his second Image Comic after Peter Panzerfaust, in development with BBC Worldwide.

According to THR, Krelitz is going to start Chew out with an animated film going direct-to-digital and home entertainment, then take it the next step into live action. The report says he’s in pre-production for the animation and hiring writers/producers for live action, so while one will come before the other, they’re both in active development.

Chew tells the story of Tony Chu, an agent of the FDA who can “see” psychic impressions from anything (or anyone) he eats. Yes, that means everything from chicken to human flesh goes into Chu’s system, all in the name of solving terrible crimes. The series has seen consistent critical acclaim since its 2009 debut.

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