Marvel's INFINITY #1 First Look

Infinity #1

Infinity is almost here. Before the first issue hits on August 14, 2013, however, Marvel is teasing what’s to come with this new preview art.

In the series, the majority of the Avengers head into space to try to find and stop The Builders who seek to remake Earth. Meanwhile, the walls of reality continue to collapse, so Tony Stark stays on Earth to “marshal the defenses” against both the Bulder threat and the threat of universes folding upon each other, ending all of reality.

”If nobody deals with that, the universe is likely to be destroyed and it’s not going to make a difference anyway,” said Infinity editor Tom Brevoort.

Infinity #1, in the pages shown in this preview, will catch readers up on the events of New Avengers, where the Illuminati has been trying to stop these alternate-reality “incursions” to varying success. In the sixth issue of that series, those assembled heroes destroyed an alternate Earth entirely.

”This was the moment in which they crossed the Rubicon and did and awful thing. It was the point that they actually went from trying to find more civilized and scientific ways of solving the problem to having their backs up against the wall and having no other recourse but to destroy a world,” said Brevoort.

On top of all this, “Thanos too is knocking on the door,” he teases, a fact that’s explained by this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy #5, and teased further in the preview art.

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