THE WALKING DEAD Producer Teases THE GOVERNOR's Season 4 Return

The Walking Dead isn’t just a phenomenon to fans, it’s a phenomenon to Image Comics, to AMC, and to all the producers, writers, and cast and crew working on the show that has hit or broken all sorts of records for the network.

We recently caught up with producer David Alpert to get some hints about Season 4, and though he was elusive for fear of spoilers, he did give us a slight nod that the Governor’s return will be everything fans of the comics hope it would be, and tells us which character he feels was taken too soon.

Newsarama: The Governor’s return is paused a little bit, he’s coming back in a little later in the season…

David Alpert: (smiles) Well I don’t know that… I wouldn’t take it as gospel is all I’m saying.

Nrama: Well when the Governor returned in the comics for the final time, it was a seismic event.

Alpert: That’s right.

Nrama: It changed everything, massive deaths, huge deal. Is that a similar impact we can look for in Season 4?

Alpert: I would say if he returns to the main group, it is going to have a giant impact. Given all the changes that have already happened from the book, especially in Season 3, Andrea dying, Tyrese’s role changing, all that stuff coming in a different way. All of that will necessitate that if he returns, it will have to be in a different way.

Nrama: With so many great characters that are very well-lived-in and well-loved, is that difficult to juggle with introducing new people, new dramas?

Alpert: Honestly, we have a great cast, we have a big cast, so it’s hard to make sure you’re servicing all of that. But I think the source material gives us such a great road map to make sure that plots are advancing, and our actors are so fantastic that they really bring something extra to those roles.

The writing comes in, and they really take it and make it their own.

Nrama: What one character that has died do you personally wish you could have done a little bit more with?

Alpert: It’s one of those things where it’s like… I loved, I think the way we killed Lori was one of the most beautiful and intense moments of the show. Really, it’s what the show is all about to me – that moment and that reaction.

That said, I wasn’t done with their relationship! I want more, I want closure! And obviously that’s what drove Rick, and that’s important, but I really want like six more episodes of Rick and Lori to work through their issues and give us closure.

As a fan, that’s what I want, but as a producer I know that we shouldn’t and couldn’t have done that.

Nrama: That idea of “lack of closure,” that you don’t always get closure in real life, was that a motivating idea behind the whole “no one is safe?”

Alpert: Absolutely. Because just when you think “they’ll have three more episodes, they’ll work it out, and then she’ll die,” we want to say “no, no no.” That’s not how life works. It’s not all on your schedule.

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