How Much Does the X-MANSION Cost?

the X-Mansion
Credit: Marvel Comics

The miraculous superpowers that Charles Xavier and the X-Men possess have shown themselves to do everything from teleport, to popping claws, to remake the universe, but it can’t begin to explain how Marvel’s mutant cast can afford such plush digs as the so-called X-Mansion. And the real estate blog Movoto has done a great piece looking into just how much the school-turned-headquarts would cost in real dollars.

And it’s a lot.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Movoto’s Randy Elson took a look at the sprawling complex residing at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in New York State and turned those various illustrations of the mansion by everyone from Jack Kirby to Jim Lee to Chris Bachalo into some hard tax numbers. And what he came up with was over $58 million dollars: $58.183,386 to be exact. And that’s unfurnished, so no Danger Room, Cerebro or even the bunk beds for the students.
In Marvel lore, the X-Mansion started life as a family estate for the Xavier clan going back for ten generations. Professor X dubbed the property as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters when he began his mission to train the then-budding mutantkind in their powers and in acceptance with human civilization. Over the years it’s gone through several name-changes, ownership changes, destructions and rebuildings to the current new school on the grounds titled the JeanGrey School for Higher Learning.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As for how Xavier and the X-Men have funded this palatial manor, originally in the comics it was said to be financed by Xavier’s family wealth and various jobs Professor X did for the FBI, along with some funding from Moira McTaggart. After Xavier’s involvement with the alien race known as the Shi’ar and his romance with their then-queen Lilandra, the X-Mansion got a technology upgrade from those interstellar allies. It was mentioned in a late 1980s Uncanny X-Men comic that the sustained funding for the group was gathered by reselling that technology to Earth-based companies on the private market, but even that was unconfirmed.
So how does the X-Men pay for it? Alien technology? Government assistant? Or some hereto unknown mutant codenamed ATM? Like many mysteries in X-Men comics, that might be a question we never learn an answer for.

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