DC Comics - Home of the Whopper?

The Burgher Thing
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Earlier Wednesday DC Comics released a new edition of ‘What’s New in the New 52,’ featuring a new Swamp Thing character called the Burgher Thing.

Confession time - at first read, yours truly read it as the “Burger King.” Pointing it out to a fellow staff member, they had the same first reaction.

Why do we bring it up? We don’t know if it is post-Comic-Con fatigue or a case of one of those arrangements of letters that fool most human minds, but this appeared on DC’s official twitter account this afternoon.

“Swamp Thing's soon to be new ally is What's New In The New 52: The Burgher King.”



Still reads that way as of this publication (although that could change at any time).

All ribbing aside (hey, we made the same mistake), here’s what DC E-i-C Bob Harras had to say about the new character:

“Debuting in the pages of this fall’s Swamp Thing Annual #2, The Burgher Thing is a previous Avatar of the Green. Using the knowledge he acquired as a Swamp Thing during the 1500s, The Burgher Thing is appointed by the Parliament of Trees to become the Swamp Thing of today’s guide. His purpose is to train Swamp Thing about what more he can do with his powers due to the challenge issued to him by Seeder.

“Through these coaching sessions within the Green, Swamp Thing can become his most fully realized self when he takes on the colossal threat facing him – but will it work? And what consequences will the DC Universe face after Swamp Thing spends so much time in the Green?”

A "Burgher" is "an inhabitant of a borough or a town," according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. So this avatar of the Green came from a small town, rather than a swamp land. And loves Whoppers.

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