Top Cow 2013 Comic-Con
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The sun may have shined outside Comic-Con International: San Diego Saturday afternoon, but inside Room 9 at the “Twenty-one Years of Top Cow” panel it got dark. The California-based publisher just announced that the long-gestating movie adaptation of The Darkness is back on track with a script that sees none other than Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade, chasing the titular star Jackie Estacado. The Darkness feature film is being developed by New Regency, Mandeville and director Len Wiseman’s Sketch Films.

On the comics front, Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri has announced plans to launch a new series he’ll be writing and drawing titled The Magi. The series will find the world of the brink of destruction with a mad search underway to find a supernatural solution. Top Cow plans to launch The Magi with self-contained introduction issue put out on Free Comic Book Day 2014, with the full first issue on sale two weeks after FCBD.

Credit: Top Cow

Another project teased with more “show” than “tell” is a new original graphic novel coming in November titled Darkness Falls, with a beautiful Dale Keown cover showing The Darkness’ severed head held in the clutches of a female Witchblade. No details on if Keown is illustrating the book itself, or who the writer is.

Credit: Top Cow

A unique project coming down the pipe is also an all-ages book titled Teen Witchblade. This book shows the key Artifact bearers of the Top Cow universe – Witchblade, the Darkness, and the Angelus – coming to get their powers during their teenage years.

Top Cow publisher Matt Hawkins also delved into the publisher’s popular Talent Hunt contest. Hawkins said that the winners from the 2012 contest will be published in Artifacts #33 – 35, and that the 2013 Talent Hunt will open up on September 1stwith a deadline of December 31st. The four winners of that contest will do one-shot Tales Of… comics chronicling one of the 13 Artifact Bearers.

Credit: Top Cow

Going into its core comic line, Cyber Force has become the publisher’s best-selling book with the full-price sixth issue. The Witchblade team of Ron Marz and Laura Braga are launching a new arc with October’s #170, and are already making plans for the 200thissue.

Top Cow’s black-and-white “indie”-friendly line Minotaur Press is expanding with one new ongoing and two miniseries announced. Hawkins, who writes Think Tank, is launching two miniseries: Control with Colleen Doran about a eugenics conspiracy told from the POV of the man who instigated it, and a series called Wildfire with artist Linda Sejic. The ongoing series is titled Voice in the Dark, it follows a teenage serial killer who steps close to confessing when she’s given a late night radio show when she begins attending college. This series is written by comics newcomer Larime Taylor.

Finishing up, Hawkins announced that he’ll be writing a series of comics and graphic novels for Top Cow based on the popular “Honorverse” military science fiction prose series by David Weber. The comic adaptation will go under the title Tales of Honor, and is being done in conjunction with a feature film adaptation by Evergreen Films.

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