SDCC '13: DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE: Trinity War Panel LIVE - DR. FATE Appears, More

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The Trinity War has begun. Three Justice Leagues enter, but will even one emerge? That's what we're finding out in the first major Justice League crossover of the New 52, which leads directly into the first line-wide crossover, Forever Evil and Villains Month.

Find out what's coming next in Trinity War from the creators behind the epic as we cover the latest DC Comics panel from Comic-Con International: San Diego live. Be sure to refresh fo the latest news!

Official Description: Trinity War rocks the DC Universe to its core in the comic book event of the summer! Get an inside look at the War of the Justice Leagues on a panel featuring the crossover's all-star creators Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark, Trinity of Sin: Pandora), Geoff Johns (Aquaman, Justice League, Justice League of America), Matt Kindt (Justice League of America), Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow, Justice League Dark), and DC Comics's senior editor Brian Cunningham.

John Cunningham moderated the panel, and welcomed fans to the Trinity War panel. The first panelist brought out was Geoff Johns, today rocking a Joker hat. Jeff Lemire, his co-writer for the crossover, and Ray Fawkes also joined the panel, along with editor Brian Cunningham.

The Trinity War video was shown to bring in the uninitiated once more. After, John C asked Johns what he thought about, if the heroes lose, why they keep going, and Johns said "Because they always keep going."

SPOILERS for the first two parts. Johns "During the first issue, Superman confronts Dr. Light and kills him. The mystery - was it magic, was it science, what happened? Who killed Dr. Light? Who used Superman? Is what we explore."

Meanwhile, the new series Trinity of Sin: Pandora just launched and ties to the crossover. Fawkes says that getting to write Pandora's "unique perspective to the New 52" is a thrill. "She's a wild card in this conflict. She thinks she has figured out a way to get rid of all evil in the world, to just pull a plug and wipe it away."

Constantine will see the wizard facing off with Billy Batson and trying to steal the power of Shazam, and Fawkes said that he is at least partially successful. "There's no dirty tactic that John won't stoop to. If he needs to take the power from a hero, from a thirteen year-old boy, he'll do it."

Teasing Forever Evil, Geoff Johns says that "not all the villains will agree" how to run the world after wiping the heroes off the world. He teased that there's a "Black Adam and Sinestro bromance," because they both agree on how the powerful should rule the weak to prevent chaos.

The tie-in series to Forever Evil, like Arkham War, A.R.G.U.S., and Rogues Rebellion all have very specific parts in to play in the story. The Rogues series, especially, features them fighting back against the villains who would rule the world.

Looking back at the first issue of Trinity War, Justice League #22, Lemire says that the whole story is really about corruption, and how people fight it internally and externally. The moment where "Superman touched Pandora's Box," is a "seminal moment in the New 52." Wonder Woman thinks that's the reason Superman accidentally killed Dr. Light, while Batman thinks it's the scientific reason, that Light absorbed Superman's solar energy, pulling his heat vision out. The looks between science and magic are a major focus of the series as well.

Lemire and Johns, moving into Justice League of America #6, said that they had to cut down the number of characters appearing. An interesting tidbit though, that Swamp Thing and - making his "main Earth" first appearance in the New 52 - Dr. Fate will guest star briefly.

Johns says that Vibe will have a few key moments. He also says that Superman's response to the events from the first issue is important to how the teams can eventually come together.

Justice League Dark #22 is out next week, and sees the magic-oriented characters join the fray properly. Lemire echoed his idea of each team: JL is World's Greatest Heroes, JLA is World's Most Dangerous, JLD is World's Freakiest. he said that having to hold Zatanna back and keep her power level low has been a challenge, and he's really excited that she gets to unleash in this crossover. Constantine and Zatanna's interactions with Wonder Woman are especially fun, says Lemire. "She grabs Constantine, and he says 'Uh, Frank, can you help me out?' And Frankenstein says, 'Um, no. it's Wonder Woman!'"

Johns said that Constantine's role grew because he is so corrupt. Lemire joked, "His superpower is that he's already so corrupted, so he can't be any more." Fawkes asked if he's "the world's worst good guy or the world's best bad guy?"

Zatanna and John's tension will also "come to a head" in this story, promises Lemire.

"By the end of Trinity War, every thread we've set up in the Justice League titles will be tied up so we can go into Forever Evil. The Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, and others will be massively affected, too," promised Johns.

Fan Q&A followed up!

A question about the third Trinity of Sin member, The Question, came up. Johns caught fans up first "The trinity of sin, Question, Phantom Stranger, and Pandora were all punished for some sin. Question doesn't know who he is, and questions just pop into his head - he explores them, and it usually makes him help someone out. He has a huge question come into his head, which he thinks may be his salvation." The Question and Superman will also team-up in Trinity War.

Deathstroke "will be in Forever Evil, and will be in Argus, as well as Pandora," so he's coming up all over the DC Universe here.

Nightwing's role and fate in the upcoming Forever Evil? Lemire deadpanned, "Before or after he dies? Wally West becomes the new Nightwing after..." Johns said, "That's not gonna happen. Have faith and keep reading."

Firestorm making an appearance? "Yeah, Firestorm has a pretty big role in Trinity War, because he can make Kryptonite. He'll be around." Lemire said there are plans for a lot of the characters whose individual books have been cancelled, all across the DCU.

Will Pandora's role in the rebooting of the universe come up in Trinity War? Fawkes says, "It will come up and be addressed directly after Trinity War. Someone even directly says to her that people believe she's responsible for the creation of the universe, and that will come up again right after the crossover."

Any plans for Booster Gold? Johns, "We love Booster, but he's not in Trinity War. There is something in Forever Evil #1 that connects to him though."

Any Joker involvement in Forever Evil? "He is mentioned in the first issue, and you'll find out what is going on with him after that," promised Johns.

A fan wanted to know about Johns' mention of Dr. Fate, and he deflected to editor Brian Cunningham. Brian said, "You'll find out more about that if you pick up Justice League Dark #23 on sale in August." Lemire said, "Yeah, he's in there!" Back to Brian, he said, "The artwork in the spread where he appears is awesome." As for whether it's the same one who has appeared on Earth 2, they won't say either way.

A kid who wanted to know if the "DC One Million" world could ever return was told to check out Justice League 3000 for a cool look at future versions of characters. Johns, after listening to his suggestions, said he might do the series now.

Are the normal New 52 series affected by the Forever Evil crossover? "All the Justice League titles, JL, JLA, JLD, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans are all directly affected by it. Everything else takes place directly before Forever Evil until it ends, then they'll skip to the endpoint," says Johns in a straightforward answer.

What crossovers do you look to for inspiration? Johns and Lemire agree Identity Crisis is their number one inspiration - a big world-shattering event but with a mystery at the heart of it.

There are "huge plans" for Martian Manhunter that Jeff Lemire will be writing in 2014.

Simon Baz is the only Green Lantern involved in the crossover, but there's one fun point Johns teased. "He's trying to do something, and struggling, and Flash says "Hal could do it."" Johns also confirmed that Hal Jordan will be back in Justice League in 2014.

While no other colored lanterns will appear in Trinity War, Lemire has plans for a non-green one in "one of the Justice League books" soon after.

The Demon will appear in JLD #23 (the same issue as Dr. Fate).

Johns promises major repercussions for every character in the DCU thanks to the combination of Trinity War and Forever Evil. Johns and Lemire plan to be on the Justice League books at least into 2015, and have started planning the next two years worth of stories already.

That's all from the Trinity War panel!

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