Happy Holidays from Newsarama

Happy Holidays from Newsarama

As in years past, we're going to close things down here at Newsarama on New Year's Day and will will be taking tomorrow off to spend with family and friends as well.

We've got a brand new year ahead of us, and it's sure to be filled with spectacle, good storiees, news and more unexpected things than anyone could shake a stick at. So what do you think will happen in the coming year? What are the New Year's Resolutions that you wish the comic book industry would make for itself? We've got room in the comments section...let's hear it.

Oh, and if you're jonesing for a look at our traditional holiday card gallery, that's still right here in Retro-Vision. The card up top this year - that's DC's holiday card for 2008.

Check back with us on Friday for a semi-regular day of interivews and a bit of news, and we'll be back and running next week.

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