Conner & Palmiotti Team on New HARLEY QUINN Ongoing Series

Credit: DC Comics

Harley Quinn is DC's latest solo star, with a new ongoing series first announced on CBR.

The book will debut in November from the writing (and wife-and-husband) team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. No interior artist has yet been named for the series, but Conner illustrated the cover to #1, seen above.

"She is a totally beloved character, and you have to show that some respect, all while bringing her into a whole new atmosphere," Conner told CBR. "We have to make her world very believable. We want to make her almost like she's someone you've met before."

Since the start of The New 52, Harley Quinn has been a main cast member in Suicide Squad. Palmiotti said the solo series will focus on a different aspect of the character's fictional life.

"The Suicide Squad book has Harley spending time with other heroes and bad guys," Palmiotti is quoted. "This book will focus on Harley and her life, where she lives and how she functions, as well as her motivations and solo adventures"

The series also won't run from Harley Quinn's long history with The Joker, according to the co-writers.

"The Joker is someone that she'll never be able to shake, nor is she really going to want to," Conner said. "Their relationship is a lot of what defines her now, although she is going to get into a lot of stuff where it has nothing to do with him."

DC's first Harley Quinn solo series ran for 38 issues, from 2000 to 2003.

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