JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Brings New 52 to DC Animation in 2014 (Updated Casting)

Justice League #1 8th printing
Credit: DC Comics
Justice League vol 1: Origin Cover
Justice League vol 1: Origin Cover
Credit: DC Comics

Update 2:45pm: Miereanu continued tweeting about Justice League: War throughout the day before heading off to Comic-Con himself. In the midst, he revealed two more voice cast members.

Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds will voice Cyborg in the film, and Chris Gorham of Covert Affairs will voice the Flash. While it appears to be Moore's first voiceover work, it's a return to DC animation for Gorham, who played Wrath, the Anti-Batman in the animated series The Batman.

Original Story: Few details yet, but DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation just leaked their first announcement of Comic-Con International: San Diego.

As Newsarama speculated, after Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, DC Animation will be entering the New 52 era , with the first animated movie of 2014 being Justice League: War, based on the first collected volume of Justice League: Origin by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. The book launched the New 52 universe, telling the story of how the Justice League came together in the midst of an invasion of Earth by Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. From Warner Bros PR guru Gary Miereanu's twitter account:



Miereanu then leaked the first casting announcement of the movie, as well. Jason O'Mara, mostly known for TV work, though he did appear in geek-friendly movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse as the game series' character Albert Wesker, will be voicing Batman in the movie. A new Batman for a new world.

Justice League vol 1: Origin collected the best-selling New 52 revamped origin of the Justice League. The team, including Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash, and Cyborg, come together to battle the evil New God Darkseid, but fight amongst themselves a bit, first. The series was one of two (alongside the first arc of Action Comics) that started out in the New 52's past, while the other series launched with the world of superheroes being approximately five years old. While Lee left the series as artist after a year, Johns has written or co-written all twenty-two issues of the book thus far, including the first chapter of DC's first proper crossover of the New 52, Trinity War, which debuted last week.

Justice League: War marks the second DC Animated movie appearance of Darkseid in recent years, previously appearing as the primary antagonist in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the 2010 film based on Supergirl's updated origin in the pre-New 52 comic book universe.

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