SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Comes to Marvel Heroes - X-Men Get Comic Tie-in Game

Superior Spider-Man's Marvel Heroes design
Credit: Gazillion

Marvel Heroes is getting a little less heroic, or superior, in their lineup, depending on how you look at it. Superior Spider-Man is coming to the roster of heroes, and not just as a re-skin, Gazillion Entertainment announced via videogame blog Kotaku.

The character has new animations for both movements and attacks, will stand differently, and even has unique voiceover, courtesy of Christopher Barnes, a Spider-Man veteran dating back to the 90s animated series (he also voices the symbiote costume version of the character in Marvel Heroes).

Elsewhere in the Marvel Video Game world (and a further preview of what will likely be talked about at the panel on Saturday of Comic-Con International: San Diego), featured the first trailer for a comic book tie-in game for X-Men: Battle of the Atom. The comic book storyline, running throughout multiple X-Men titles this September to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the franchise, tells the story of three generations of mutant heroes coming together, but not necessarily for a common goal. The game will be a card-battle game featuring "the entire history of the X-Men" and "every one of your favorites," as players will battle through storylines from all throughout history on their iOS and Android mobile devices. Check out the trailer below, and tune in Saturday for more on Marvel's upcoming video game plans.

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