BENDIS Reacts to Orson Scott Card Controversy

Credit: Marvel Comics

On his personal Tumblr page, All-New X-Men and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis fielded a question from a fan this weekend regarding Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card, who has received scrutiny throughout his career for his multiple public statements against gay marriage.

Asked "what's your opinion on the ongoing witch hunt of Orson Scott Card?" Bendis responded, "I don’t like witch hunts and I don’t like people not being able to make a living… even if they don’t agree with me or are pushing against the tide of popular belief." Continuing, Bendis, who wrote that he's thought a lot about the issue, stated, "the problem here is not that he believes something to the left or the right but because its pretty much hate speech.  he is going out of his way to try to deny people their rights as human beings.  he is using fancy words so it doesn’t always seem like hate speech but it is. at least it is to me and, obviously, to many others."

Bendis disclosed in the post that Marvel's Ultimate Iron Man miniseries (pictured above) is the only work of Card's that he's read, but that his wife has read much of Card's output. "her opinion is that people who are fans of his work saw a higher empathy in the work itself.  some sci-fi fans are reading sci-fi specifically because they are looking for a more evolved look into society and morality then the one they see in the world around them. I think people are still shocked that someone who wrote things that they loved so much is an embodiment of the opposite of the work."

In conclusion, Bendis expressed his own satisfaction in his married and family life, and asked, "why on earth would I not want everyone in the world to at least have a chance to feel this way? I don’t understand." The response can be read in full here.

Card received heightened criticism within the comic book industry earlier this year, following the announcement that he was writing a story for the digital-first Adventures of Superman anthology. Artist Chris Sprouse subsequently left the project and the story was taken off the schedule, and a new release date has yet to be announced by DC.

A live-action adaptation of Ender's Game, Card's most famous prose work, is scheduled for release on Nov. 1 of this year. Card is a co-producer of the film, but is not slated to be a part of the film's promotional events planned this week at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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