Joe Mad's INHUMAN #1 Cover Revealed

Credit: Marvel Comics

After yesterday's reveal of the Inhumanity line-wide banner, and's inadvertent announcement of Joe Madureira as the artist of Matt Fraction's Inhuman, the new ongoing series centered on the royal family of the titular species in the Marvel Universe, today, thanks to, we have the first look at the cover to the first issue. The cover shows one of the new Inhumans, affected by an event at the end of upcoming crossover event Infinity. also revealed a couple of new tidbits from Fraction about his new series, both its accessibility in high concept, and how it will affect the thousands, perhaps millions of new Inhumans that will spring up across the Marvel Universe when Terrigen Mists get released across the entire globe.

“It’s a chance to spray everybody with supersoldier serum and see what happens,” he told EW. “Did you know that you had a king? did you know that you had a secret genetic lineage? Oh, and by the way, now you have horns, and someone’s coming to kill you!”

Inhuman #1 launches December 2013, with the "Inhumanity" banner going across the Marvel Universe as they deal with the new powered individuals worldwide.

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