UPDATED: More INHUMANITY Details, INHUMAN Artist Revealed

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Update: Writer Matt Fraction and Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso discussed "Inhumanity" and Inhuman in more detail with Marvel.com on Thursday (in a Q&A that has since been pulled, but presumably will return to the site soon), with Joe Madureira (currently illustrating Savage Wolverine) listed as the artist of the ongoing Inhuman series.

Describing "Inhumanity," Fraction said, "To me it's about discovery; that moment when fate, or destiny, or some other kind of indicator that you are meant for greater things comes crashing into you. And it says that the Marvel Universe is way bigger than you ever imagined — and you might be a part of it."

Discussing the enduring appeal of the Inhumans, Alonso called them the "outcasts of the Marvel Universe," and lauded the "existential crisis at the heart of their origin."

"They were born in an aborted genetic experiment by the alien race known as the Kree," Alonso said. "They were born to be a weapon."

Further discussing how Infinity relates to "Inhumanity," Fraction is quoted, "The events of Infinity jumpstart a long-dormant genetic inhuman strain. It leads into a global crisis overnight in the middle of, and coming out from, Infinity."

Marvel.com says more information, via an interview with Fraction and Madureira, will be revealed this Friday.

Original story: The Inhumans are coming back at Marvel Comics in a big way this December, at the hands of Matt Fraction and others.

"Inhumanity" will not be an event per se, but more a post-event rebranding, similar in scope to "Decimation," "Dark Reign," or "Heroic Age" before it. Each of those came directly after an event and ran across the Marvel Universe to show a general tone or prevailing storyline across all titles. A new series, Inhuman, written by Matt Fraction will launch as part of the branding. Possible spoilers for Infinity follow.

According to the announcement article on EW.com, after Infinity, the next major crossover event at Marvel running this Autumn, the Terrigen Mists - the source of Inhuman powers that activates their latent abilities, get released around the world. Millions of "Inhuman decendants," people who may come from a cross-breed of Human and Inhuman, even from several generations past, have their latent abilities activated, resulting in an entirely new dominant race across the globe.

"The effect on the Marvel Universe will be seismic," Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told EW.com. "You might learn that your new self is fantastic, beautiful, filled with immense power. By the same token, you could turn around and find out that you’re nothing. You’re a blob. You have no powers. You can create a little flame out of your pinkie."

Fraction's series Inhuman will focus on the "shattered Inhumans Royal family," says the writer. "It’s giving us a chance to get back to a classic Marvel metaphor of alienation. We’re telling science-fiction stories, but really it’s about race, gender, sexual equality. It’s a very relevant, pertinent metaphor."

As the family reacts to the new Inhumans and Attilan falls, they're "turning the entire Marvel Universe into a potential battlefield. And regular people are in the middle."

Accompanying the announcement is a new teaser drawn by Steve McNiven showing "characters who will feature prominently in the" new status quo. The image shows Black Bolt and Medusa, the Inhuman king and queen, along with Falcon, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Black Widow, Thor, old Guardians of the Galaxy member Yondu (who is incidentally rumored to be in the Guardians movie), Winter Soldier, a newly costumed Wolverine, newcomer to the Marvel Universe Angela... and perhaps most intriguing, a Spider-Man that looks more like his Amazing costume than Superior, and in the background of it all - the long-dead Nightcrawler of the X-Men!

What, if anything, all that means has yet to be revealed, but there does happen to be this event in San Diego next week called Comic-Con, where we can bet we'll hear more about those characters and their futures.

Inhuman, by Matt Fraction and an undisclosed artist, launches in December 2013 alongside the Marvel-wide branding of "Inhumanity."

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