LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Comes Back to the Screen - the Small Screen?

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the comic book series where Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill team literary characters from both the public domain and current literature, putting them in heroic - and often not-so-much heroic - situations, has hit a screen before. It was the big screen, and overall, not a very well-received movie from 20th Century Fox.

Well, FOX is ready to try again, but this time in a TV pilot. Michael Green, known for comic book adaptations like Green Lantern's live-action movie, Smallville, and the superheroic Heroes is writing and executive producing the pilot, with a second EP from Green's series Kings, Erwinn Stoff. Moore and O'Neill will not serve on the show in any official capacity, and initial reports don't indicate any response from the creators.

Moore has historically been opposed to adaptations of his works, having no official say on the original LoEG adaptation, and more recently turning down all money for the Watchmen film.

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