Carlos Pacheco Joins JG Jones on Final Crisis

Apparently DC’s Final Crisis is coming under the umbrella of “best laid plans…”

As DC’s solicitations for September reveal, artist Carlos Pacheco will be joining J.G. Jones on the art chores for Final Crisis #4 and will apparently be working together with Jones on art for the remaining issues. The move is being made, according to DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio, to keep the miniseries on schedule.

“Following the break in the schedule and beginning with issue #4, Carlos Pacheco will be joining JG Jones and handling a portion of the art chores on the Final Crisis mini series. We feel that Carlos, whose work on Justice League of America #21 stood out amongst the events leading up to Final Crisis, is an excellent addition to the team and his style will nicely complement the tone and feel JG Jones has set for this series.”

Prior to this representatives from DC have stated that Jones was maintaining his schedule on the series.

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