IMAGE EXPO: WALKING DEAD News, New Books From Big Names

Credit: Image Comics
The Walking Dead Teaser
The Walking Dead Teaser
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The one-day Image Expo is taking place Tuesday in San Francisco, and here's news from Image publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote presentation, courtesy of Image's Twitter account and live coverage from CBR and MTV Geek.

The Walking Dead creator and Image partner Robert Kirkman announced a 12-issue long arc starting with October's issue #115, titled "All Out War" and shipping by weekly during the course of the storyline. The story will show civilization rebuilding, and "with civilization comes conflict," Kirkman is quoted by MTV Geek.

The noted Captain America team of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steve Epting will collaborate on a new Image series called Velvet, the writer revealed. It's described by CBR as a Moneypenny-esque character named Velvet Templeton leaving her desk job to return to the field — in line with their Cap work, but "more grounded and twisted."

Two J. Michael Straczynski-written series previously published by Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint — The Book of Lost Souls (with Colleen Doran) and Dream Police — are coming to Image. According to Image's Twitter account, he's also working with famed artist Bill Sienkiewicz on a six-issue miniseries titled Alone, set to "deconstruct comic book storytelling."

In addition to Sex Criminals and Satellite Sam, Matt Fraction, also in attendance at the Expo, is also writing an outer space version of The Odyssey titled Ody-C, with art from Christian Ward. Expected in 2014, Image's Twitter says "the male characters are women and the female characters are male, a gender-swapped super-cosmic take on Greek myth."

The Secret Avengers team of Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera are reuniting for Black Science, colored by Dean White and announced for November. "If you enjoyed Fear Agent, I think this'll be right up your alley. It's about a member of the Anarchist League of Sciences," Remender is quoted from the presentation by Image's Twitter.

Remender is also writing Deadly Class at Image, about a high school for assassins and inspired by the writer's experiences growing up "in the '80s hardcore scene," a tweet from Image says. It's illustrated by Wesley Craig.

Jason Aaron is also at the Image Expo, and announced a new creator-owned title with artist Jason Latour called Southern Bastards. "The elevator pitch is Dukes of Hazzard x Coen Brothers or The Untouchables vs Boss Hogg," Image tweeted.

Mark Millar, appearing at the Expo via a pre-recorded video from Scotland, announced MPH, with artist Duncan Fegredo. Image's Twitter describes it as "an attempt to create a superhero universe in the Marvel sense."

Also announced at the keynote: DRM-free digital comics for sale via the newly redesigned Image Comics website, a Peter Panzerfaust motion comic (featuring Elijah Wood, Summer Glau and Ron Perlman), new Kurtis Wiebe series titled Rat Queens, and a 2014 original graphic novel titled Noah written by acclaimed filmmaker Darren Arronofsky (Black Swan) and illustrated by Niko Henrichon.

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