Trevor Hairsine is VALIANT's Latest Exclusive Creator

Credit: Valiant

Artist Trevor Hairsine is the latest creator to sign an exclusive deal with Valiant Entertainment, the publisher announced Tuesday in a press release.

Hairsine is illustrating Valiant's September-debuting Eternal Warriror revival, written by DC's Action Comics and Batman/Superman scribe Greg Pak. His past comic book credits include CLA$$WAR, Marvel's Ultimate Six and X-Men: Deadly Genesis miniseries, Legends of the Dark Knight and numerous contributions to 2000AD.

Previously at the relaunched Valiant, Hairsine illustrated the two-art X-O Manowar "Planet Death" prelude, and a four-issue stint on Harbinger.

"I had a blast working on X-O Manowar and Harbinger, and couldn't be more excited about launching Eternal Warrior with Greg Pak," Hairsine said in Valiant's statement. "Valiant's an incredibly exciting place to be, and I'm looking forward to making great comics with them for some time to come."
Previously, Valiant has announced writer Joshua Dysart and artist Cary Nord as fellow exclusive-to-Valiant creators.
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