comiXology Adds Subscriptions, Bundles to Webstore

Credit: comiXology

Digital comic book readers wll find their lives much easier today, courtesy of two new features at comiXology. The webstore (which allows purchases for reading on all supported devices - computer, iOS, Android) now has a subscription option. With the new "Subscribe to series" button on each series page, you can essentially pre-order each new issue of a comic book. The new issues will automatically be charged to your credit card, and, as the press release says, you'll "never miss an issue."

In addition, comiXoloby added Bundles today. While "digital trades" have been offered before, now the digital distributor will offer "curated bundles" that offer, for instance, a grouping of several first issues from a publisher, or first arcs, or an entire crossover, or even an entire series, all at major discounts. For instance, the Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender complete series, 37 issues, is offered on the site for $49.99 - that's 33% off the already discounted price (compared to original print cover price) of $1.99 per issue. While there are only 17 of these featured bundles for launch, the distributor promises more soon.

“Every hour of every day, everyone at comiXology is thinking about how to make it easier for comiXology fans to get the comics they love,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger in the press release. “With subscriptions and bundles we’ve taken yet another step in delivering the great experience that our users deserve.”

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