In a article about upcoming tie-ins to the August-debuting Infinity series, the publisher revealed that writer Rob Rodi coming on board Superior Spider-Man Team-Up for a two-issue stint, spinning out of the impending event.

"My Superior Spider-Man Team-Up two-parter involves the debut of a new superhuman player in upper Manhattan, who has deep ties to the Marvel Universe," Rodi is quoted in the article. "This new superhuman isn't starting out very well, so Spidey swings up to intervene, and to tutor the newcomer in how to be a hero, surprising himself in the process."

Rodi's first issue will be October's Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5, Newsarama has confirmed with Marvel. Here's what regular Superior Spider-Man Team-Up writer Chris Yost told Newsarama about the book's Infinity tie-in last month, which starts in September with issue #3:

"At the same time, you’ve got a new character that we’re introducing called Sun Girl, and she’s like the rookie newbie. She looks at Spider-Man for stability — the shoulder to lean on, the experienced guy. And Doc Ock’s perspective on things is not what this character was expecting." also quotes writer Al Ewing, whose Mighty Avengers series starts in September and also features the Superior Spider-Man's reactions to Infinity.

"It's a pretty full plate for Spidey, and a few eye-opening epiphanies for him as well."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Two more series with Earth-bound connections to the cosmic scale of Infinity are Thunderbolts and Fearless Defenders. Thunderbolts writer Charles Soule said of that book's previously announced tie-in, which deals with the Punisher's derailed quest to wipe out a crime family, "When Infinity happens, obviously all of [the Punisher’s] meticulous planning goes straight to hell... The alien invasion forces them to bunker up, making the job all that much harder."

Fearless Defenders writer Cullen Bunn said that the titular team in his book will be tasked with living up to their names and literally "defending" Earth. Issue #10 of that series, out in October, is said to be a "dance issue," featuring the debut of a new super-powered character.

"Both the Fearless Defenders and Caroline will have an interest in this individual, and this issue is going to center on her," Bunn said in the article. "I've tried to do different things with the book from the beginning and this issue will definitely live up to that ideal."

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