Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Civil War? Zombies for Spidey?

Civil War in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Intellisponse, a survey and research company, regularly works with game companies to feel out upcoming games, and see what features gamers are most interested in. This past weekend, however, they inadvertently announced several upcoming games. Thanks to the folks at, we’ve been tipped to a lot of information from these leaks. All news derived from this will be treated as rumor for now, but Newsarama has reached out to confirm it.

First, the previously announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (MUA2) from Activision had new details leaked. The biggest is the storyline; according to the information in the Intellisponse document, MUA2 will take place in Marvel Civil War. Players will take one side or the other, with over 20 characters to choose from. Fusing powers will be a new feature, building on the combo system seen in the previous game (and the X-Men Legends series). The example given is lightning webs, from fusing Spider-man and Storm’s abilities. The other characters mentioned in the release are Hulk, Wolverine, Venom, and the Human Torch. That makes it sound like the Thunderbolts will be involved. Of course, readers know Hulk was not involved in Civil War at all, so some liberties are being taken. Now word yet on who is writing the script this time around (C.B. Cebulski wrote the previous game), nor if Raven Software, who developed the last three games, is taking the reins again. As soon as that is confirmed, you will see it here. The game is due out for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, and DS.

In addition to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, the next next Spider-man game, after this fall’s Web of Shadows, will allegedly be entitled Spider-man vs. Marvel Zombies. The game is said to take place in a possible future, 2149, where Marvel heroes and villains have become zombies. Spidey’s mission is to defeat the zombie horde, OR join it, implying there will be multiple choices as far as gameplay goes. It will continue the open-world style of the last few Spider-man games, as well.

Rounding up the super-heroic rumors from this massive leak, we saw a few other bits. A Spider-man game for Wii using the balance board peripheral from Wii Fit promises to let you “step into Spider-man’s shoes.” Possible cover art for the aforementioned Spiderman: Web of Shadows shows guest appearances by Venom and Wolverine (in addition to the already known Luke Cage, amongst others), and implies the player can choose to save the city or take it over, depending on costume choice (the red-and-blues or the symbiote). Last but not least, Powers and Titans a game that sounds reminiscent of MMORPG City of Heroes, but with a more action oriented slant, allowing console gamers to form their own team of the planet’s greatest heroes.

Activision certainly seems to be taking full advantage of their super-heroic tendencies. They’ve had several monetary hits in their previous outings, with most being well received by critics and fans. Time will tell if all of these pan out as full-fledged games, and when they’ll actually be coming to our homes.

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