Adam WarRock Debuts IMPERIUS REX for Annual Donation Drive

Imperius Rex
Credit: Adam WarRock

It's that special time of year. No, we're not talking about my birthday (though, it is), the focus of this post is on Adam WarRock's annual donation drive!

Once a year, the nerdcore rapper who tackles topics from comic books to Parks and Rec to Game of Thrones' Hodor (seriously, go listen to that ridiculous song) holds a Donation Drive. Fans name their price, and they get a brand-new mixtape, they get a live video concert, and they get a huge digital comics package including books from Oni, MonkeyBrain, Atomoic Robo, M. Kupperman, Sam Humphries, Nedroid, KC Green, Mike Norton, Caldwell Tanner, and Agreeable Comics!

What's more, all the music WarRock usually charges for on BandCamp is totally free this week.

Yesterday, Adam WarRock released "Stark Industries", the first song from his new Donation Drive Album, and today he drops "Imperius Rex" exclusively here at Newsarama. Yes, Marvel Comics fans, the song about Namor you've been waiting for is here.

The Donation Drive is going from now to July 3, 2013. Hit up Adam WarRock's page for more info, links, and the donation button.

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