Dave McKean’s SANDMAN Covers 2013 Comic-Con Souvenir Book

Comic-Con 2013 Sandman cover
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Original Sandman artist Dave McKean has created a new image of Morpheus for the 2013 Comic-Con International Souvenir Book, a 224-page, full-color trade paperback that will be given to all attendees* (*with the requisite disclaimer “while supplies last”) at next month’s show.

The cover marks the 25th anniversary of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and acts as a double bonus for DC, who presumably will be marketing Gaimain’s upcoming new Sandman project soon (in February DC told retailers the book was expected in the fall).

According to Comic-Con, In addition to Sandman, the 2013 Souvenir book also features coverage – “including art and articles by fans and pros from around the world” – focused on the following anniversaries:

  • Superman 75th
  • Avengers 50th
  • Doctor Strange 50th
  • Doctor Who 50th
  • X-Men 50th
  • ElfQuest 35th
  • The Tick 25th
  • Eisner Awards 25th
  • Bongo Comics 20th
  • Milestone Comics 20th
  • Strangers in Paradise 20th
  • TwoMorrows Publishing 20th
  • Aspen Comics 20th

The volume includes additional features, including bios and photos of 2013’s special guests of Comic-Con, as well as “appreciations for those we’ve lost.”

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