Paradox Kick Starts Slate of Arcana Films

Paradox Film Announced

Paradox #1

Arcana Studios has teamed with Legacy Filmworks and Bron Management to produce film films based on Arcana’s comic titles – the first of which, as announced in The Hollywood Reporter, is Paradox, based on the original miniseries written by Christos Gage. Christos and his wife Ruth have written the screenplay for the film version.

The film version of Paradox will star Kevin Sorbo and will be directed by Brenton Spancer. Set in a world ruled by magic, Sorbo plays a detective who is tasked with solving a series of murders that were committed through the use of previously unknown means: science.

Paradox will be produced by Deboragh Gabler, Aaron Gilbert and Arcana’s founder-publisher Sean O’Reilly is executive producing.

The other films based on Arcana comics in the deal include, according to THR:

The slate's other projects include "Chopper," a thriller based on a Martin Shapiro comic that hopes to go before cameras next month, and "Sundown," a Western vampire thriller, based on a Jay Busbee comic, which is scheduled for an April or May start. Future slate projects will be announced during the coming months.

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