Daniel Way: The Wolverine: Origins Interrogation

Daniel Way on Wolverine: Origins

Wolverine: Origins #33

For the past couple of years, Wolverine: Origins series has been shedding light on the dark corners of one the most prolific characters in the Marvel Universe. Written by Daniel Way, readers have been introduced to Wolverine’s sordid past as a sadistic killer; his physical weakness to Carbonadium; but most importantly, they’ve witnessed the introduction of his son, Daken. Daken, much like his father has been at very points of his life—is walking a dangerous precipice, constantly threatening to lose what little humanity he has to his killer instinct and baser urges. Following up on the ‘Original Sin’ story arc featured in Wolverine: Origins and X-Men: Legacy, Wolverine and Daken are now on the same page—they seek vengeance for the death of Daken’s mother from the man responsible: the mysterious Romulus.

Newsarama contacted writer Daniel Way to discuss the upcoming arc, ‘Family Business’, and Wolverine’s budding paternal instinct.

Newsarama: In the aftermath of 'Original Sin', Daken and Logan appear to be on the same page--and they're both pissed. Is the hunt for Romulus on?

Daniel Way: Yes, but—as you’ll soon see—the two of them have very different reasons for doing so.

NRAMA: How do you think Wolverine has changed characteristically—now that he realizes that he has a son? Since Daken's introduction, have readers been watching a slow change in Logan?

DW: Good question. Just like anyone else, fatherhood has changed Logan—hopefully, for the better. In the wake of both regaining his memories and learning of the existence of his son, he can now see that he has set a horrible example for others to follow—that’s why, in ORIGINS, you don’t see him hacking and slashing, going nuts, letting the cards fall where they may. That’s what got him where he is today. He has finally taken control of his destiny. The tragedy of this, though, is that Daken is walking the exact same path that Logan did—how can he, Logan, convince his son to change his ways without being hypocritical? It’s something that he’s trying to figure out as he goes. For once, he’s thinking about the future instead of the past.

NRAMA: Is Daken's role in the Marvel Universe going to become expanded in 2009? Could we end up seeing more of him elsewhere?

DW: Readers will be seeing a lot of Daken in 2009, both in the Orgins book and others.

NRAMA: I asked Mike Carey a similar question in our last interview: Do you think Wolverine and his new "family" (Daken, X-23) are forming up to be a Marvel version of the Bat-family? Does Wolverine make for a good father figure? Or is that a role reserved for the young and innocent like Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Armor?

DW: Wolverine has always felt compelled to help those who are helpless, probably due to his own childhood. Daken and X-23 are far from helpless—what they need is guidance. This is the role he is struggling to take in Daken’s life; that of the sensei. But before he can do this, he must first lay his own demons to rest...which means having it out with Romulus.

NRAMA: Will readers get a closer look at Romulus as Origins moves into 2009? Or is he going to remain elusive?

DW: Romulus will finally show his face in 2009. At this point, that’s all I can say.

NRAMA: Will more of the Weapon Plus Program be explored as we approach the release of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine motion picture?

DW: We will be exploring it in depth during the “Weapon XI” storyline, but that’s due to the planned trajectory of the series rather than the release of the film.

NRAMA: Is Daken connected to any other characters in the Marvel Universe since it's been revealed that he's a little older than most characters? Is his bloody career fairly prolific?

DW: At the end of Origins, Wolverine’s past will be laid to rest, allowing him to finally step into the future. However, Daken’s past will remain wide open, providing fertile ground for years and years worth of stories.

NRAMA: Will the members of X-Force be showing up in Origins anytime soon?

DW: There are no plans for them to show up in Origins, but you’ll be seeing them in another book that I write…

NRAMA: Any hints as to any other familiar (and/or unfamiliar) faces showing up in months to come?

DW: As the solicitations have already revealed, Cyber will be looping back into the story, leading up to a huge confrontation with the X-Men. There’ll also be a surprise appearance by a character who was off the board for a while, but is now back with a vengeance. And guess what? He knows about Romulus.

NRAMA: Are there any stones you haven't uncovered yet that you're really champing at the bit to explore?

DW: The thing that I’m most excited about is Romulus—who and what he is, where he came from and what his ultimate goal is. As Origins moves into its final act, all will be revealed.

NRAMA: What other projects are you working on in early 2009?

DW: Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool! Plus, I’m working on a project with Richard Corben in addition to a super-secret X-book that will be announced at the New York Con.

Newsarama Note: Whoops! Art corrected. Sorry about that.

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