PlayStation 4? Xbox One? What are YOUR Next-Gen Gaming Plans?

PS4 Reveal at E3 2013
Credit: Lucas Siegel

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are officially on the way, this Holiday and this November, respectively. Both systems, built on PC architecture, have similar tech specs (the PS4 very slightly outpacing the Xbox One), and each have some exciting games - both exclusive and multi-platform that will show off the power of the new consoles. Both also reach ever further into being a multimedia device, from game-clip recording and sharing to new media features like the XOne's new TV pass-through for controlling your cable box via Kinect. Both have their downsides, though, too, with no real backwards compatibility this generation, and the Xbox One's need to be connected to the internet every 24 hours just to play your own games - even the single player ones.

With many pros and cons for each, we want to know what YOU plan to do this Holiday season. So, are you getting a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One? Answer in the poll below (no registration or sign-in necessary), and tell us why you made your choice in the comments.

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Both the PS4 and Xbox One
  • Neither - Sticking with Wii U / PS3 / Xbox 360 for the foreseeable future
  • Neither - Switching to (or sticking with) PC this generation

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