MAN OF STEEL Crosses $500 Million Worldwide

Credit: Warner Bros.

Update, 7/1: Man of Steel has now made more than $500 million worldwide — currently at a $520.4 million total gross according to Box Office Mojo.

In its third weekend of domestic release, the film came in at No. 5 with an estimated $20.8 million. Its current domestic total is $248.7 million, above its reported production budget of $225 million. That number puts it in very close range of the 1989 Batman, the third-highest domestic grossing DC film of all time, which made $251 million. (The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises and No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.)

Man of Steel is, thus far, the second-highest domestic grossing movie of 2013, a good distance behind Iron Man 3's $405.4 million.

Update, 6/24: In its second weekend of domestic release, the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot Man of Steel moved from No. 1 to No. 3 in the box office, making $41.2 million behind World War Z ($66M) and, in the top spot, Monsters University ($82M). (Figures from Box Office Mojo.)

That's a weekend-to-weekend drop of 64.7 percent, a steeper decline than this summer's other big comic book movie, Iron Man 3, which had a 58.4 percent drop this past May — albeit without the double competition of both a Pixar sequel and a big budget zombie film starring Brad Pitt.

Man of Steel is now at a cumulative $398 million worldwide ($210 million domestic), not only putting it in very close range of $400M, but also putting it past 2006's Superman Returns as the highest grossing Superman movie in both unadjusted worldwide and domestic totals. (In Box Office Mojo's adjusted figures, the original 1978 Superman still is tops.)

Update, 6/17: Man of Steel opened to an estimated $128.7m its debut weekend, including Thursday shows. While obviously well short of Iron Man 3's 2013-record $174.14m, the figure is well north of most expectations heading into the weekend and a new June opening weekend record.

“In North America, Superman audiences thumbed their noses at the negative reviews from film critics and gave it an ‘A-’ CinemaScore," a Warner Bros. executive reportedly told, addressing the apparent disconnect between critics and moviegoers over the quality of the film. "Man Of Steel beat all expectations."

Perhaps most importantly, while Man of Steel is earning higher 3-D revenue and ticket prices are generally higher overall, the film is vastly outperforming 2006's Superman Returns, which had an opening weekend of $52.54m, and a five-day start of $84.59m (it opened on a Wednesday).

Man of Steel also took in a reported $71.6m from 24 overseas markets (according to Warner Bros.), bringing the reboot to a $200.3m opening weekend globally.

Update, 6/14: Warner Bros. has announced that Man of Steel has already made a combined $21 million in its first night in domestic release, according to Deadline.

That's $9 million from midnight shows and $12 million from the Walmart-sponsored "corporate group sale screening program" of showings at 7 p.m. Thursday night. The combined number is a higher "late show record" than any superhero movie — even 2012's massive Avengers, which earned $18.7M on midnight shows — though the Walmart sales skew that number a bit, and Deadline hastens, "any such record must come with an asterisk because Hollywood studios recently have interpreted 'midnights' as beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday through midnight and sometimes into early dawn."

Box office tracking site Box Office Mojo has stated that Man of Steel is "almost guaranteed to set a new opening weekend record for the month of June," which would mean passing 2010's Toy Story 3 for more than $110.3 million. (2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had a higher three-day opening at $127.8 million.)

Warner Bros. has conservatively projected Man of Steel to make in the $80 million range this weekend, while other studios have estimated $95-$100 million. With dozens of reviews in, Man of Steel is showing mixed reviews on both major aggregate sites — a 55 score on Metacritic, and 59 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Original story: Man of Steel opened in the Philippines on Wednesday, and has already broken a box office record there, for highest-grossing opening day: $1,657,532, according to Deadline.

This breaks a recent record held by Iron Man 3, which opened in the nation in late April.

The Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot opens in 4,207 locations domestically on Friday, the same day it's also premiering in major markets Korea, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Man of Steel opens in China a week later, on June 20.

Deadline writes that — despite a 143-minute run time — the film "could pack an unexpectedly stronger punch," due to the majority of the locations (all but 850, the site says) playing the film in 3D, which typically comes with higher ticket prices.

In more Superman news, the Caped Crusader made his way onto this week's Entertainment Weekly cover, commemorating the different versions of the character in the past 75 years — and looking at "Hollywood's struggle to get this guy right."

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