More MAN OF STEEL Reviews, Ranging From Positive to Mixed

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Update, 6/12: The Man of Steel reviews keep coming in, and the latest have caused the film's averages at the two main movie review aggregate sites to drop since Tuesday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot is at a 58 Metacritic score (a downgrade from "Generally favorable" to "Mixed or average"), and a 66 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yet with 22 reviews now qualitatively indexed on Metacritic, not one has yet been entered in the "Negative" category; only "Positive" and "Mixed."

Among the new reviews include Entertainment Weekly's Chris Nashawaty, who gave the film a "C," writing, "The only moments of real spectacle come when Superman learns to fly. He rockets through the air like a comet, and it's thrilling. There aren't enough of these gee-whiz ­moments of wonder in Man of Steel. Never has a race to save the fate of humankind seemed so tedious."

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times criticized the choice to depict a familiar origin story in the film, and called it "a mostly underwhelming film, with underdeveloped characters and supercharged fight scenes that drag on and offer nothing new in the way of special-effects creativity."

Considerably more positive was Drew McWeeny of Hitfix in an "A+" review published on Monday. McWeeny stated, "this film spins a story so epic, so powerful, that my first viewing of it left me dizzy" and "With this version, Snyder's done far more than convince me that a man can fly. For the first time, I believe that Superman is the most important hero in the world of this movie, and that we need him, not just as a protector, but as a symbol of what we can be when we are raised by the right people and given a chance to find our way in the world."

The New York Post's Lou Lumenick rated Man of Steel three stars out of four, despite writing that he wasn't previously a fan of Snyder's work. Calling the movie a "darker and more angsty" take on Superman, he also compared it favorably to last year's Marvel Studios megahit, writing, "The last 45 minutes of Man of Steel seem like a deliberate, and quite successful attempt to top the sheer destruction wreaked on Manhattan in the climax of Marvel’s The Avengers (called, of course, Metropolis here). The special effects are better, too."

Original story: The first crop of Man of Steel reviews are in, with most critics so far having positive takes on Zack Snyder's Superman reboot.

Currently, the film has a 62 Metacritic score — meaning "Generally favorable reviews' — and a 71 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Dan Jolin of Empire magazine gave the film four stars out of five, calling it, " a space opera writ even larger, which slickly relocates its vast, unearthly hyper-dramatics to the streets of America, both small-town and metropolitan."

Similarly effusive was Matt Patches of, with the pullquote-ready praise, "If the word 'epic' has lost its meaning in the throes of recent summers, Man of Steel forcefully redefines it."

The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy was slightly more reserved yet still in favor, saying that though the film spends an hour "basically setting the table," action scenes are copious, and still "Man of Steel manages to find the time to develop a reasonably plausible relationship between Kal-El and Lois Lane." Yet fellow trade publication Variety had one of the most negative takes thus far, with Scott Foundas writing, "So far, so gloomy, with little of the genuine wonderment the very name 'Superman' calls to mind;" though also dubbing the movie "undeniably impressive."

The Associated Press was also less-than-thrilled with Man of Steel, with Jake Coyle writing, "Snyder doesn’t have the material or the inclination to make Man of Steel as thought-provoking as Nolan’s 'Dark Knight' trilogy," and calling it "joyless." The Village Voice's Stephanie Zacharek was more in the middle, writing, "There’s so much heaviness here that, ironically, nothing seems to have its own weight," but "even more miraculously, [Cavill] humanizes the gargantuan movie around him."

Man of Steel opens Friday, June 14.

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