NOVA Gets Up Close and Personal with Thanos in INFINITY Tie-IN

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Given Nova's cosmic-bent, it's a natural series to tie-in to Marvel's upcoming Infinity event, and it's doing just that as of September's issue #8.

Over on, the publisher revealed the issue's cover Monday, illustrated by original series artist Ed McGuinness and featuring Nova having a very close encounter with Infinity antagonist Thanos.

"Thanos is not so subtly trying to destroy the Earth," incoming Nova series writer Zeb Wells told the site about the story of the issue. "Sam, as one of the few cosmic heroes still planet-side, figures he needs to step up to the plate."

"He reacts to Thanos the same way he reacts to all would-be conquerors: with derision and ridicule," Wells adds. "Unfortunately Thanos isn't going to take to that as well as some of the foes he's met in the past."

Additionally, Wells, taking over the series with July's issue #6 along with artist Paco Medina, adds that the Infinity tie-in will also include The Watcher, introduce some new characters, and feature "a few characters from Richard Rider’s past who are drawn to the appearance of a new Nova."

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