E3 2013: Sony Fires in Console War with PS4 Used Games, Price Point

Credit: Lucas Siegel

Update: We passed the tweet limit for the day. Oops! Here's what we learned after that.

PlayStation 4 won't impose any new restrictions on used games. When a player buys a PS4 game, says Jack Trenton, they can sell it at retail, sell it to another person, lend it to a friend, or keep it forever. It doesn't have to be online, or check in online periodically. Trenton fully went after Microsoft.

Expanding PS+, will carry over to PS4. PS3, Vita, and PS4 all for one price. Will still include Discounted games, cloud saves, instant game collection, and fully immersive multiplayer online on PS4. "Access to media services won't require plus." Membership has increased 144%. PS+ members get Driveclub PS Plus Edition for free for PS4, plus new games for free every month.

The live gameplay demo of Destiny from Bungie started on a ruined world. A ship lands and out emerges the hero. "I'm a legend in the making, a guardian of the last safe city on Earth." It says on the low screens, "Destiny: Become legend 2014," so apparently it's not coming out until next year. Another Bungie stafer joined him as a second character, happening upon him and joining the mission. "Ghost" a guardian companion gets pulled out to provide some light for the pair in the dark area. It flies off to try to fix the circuits in the structure, and does, turning the lights back on - and alerting enemies to their presence.

Each enemy character has an identifier and health bar, RPG style. Magic/special powers are used extensively in addition to guns. Rixis and Archon Slayer attacks, and provides much more of a challenge. He revives his fallen teammate and they grab loot, including a new weapon. Talent points allow you to level up your weapons through a talent tree. A third joins in, and she has a cooler weapon, which she taunts her teammates with. It's all drop-in-drop-out on the missions. A HUGE ship comes in - wait, many huge ships. Two more join in and start fighting several of the Fallen, dropping in more by the minute. It's like a multiplayer survival match that started in the middle of a single player campaign.

After the live demo, a new trailer for the game came, with incredibly lush environments, cool ships, "if you succeed, you will become legend."

Sony has a long-term exclusive partnership with Bungie and Activision that "ensures PS4 evolves and grows with Destiny over the years."

Gaikai's cloud-based technology will be availabe in 2014, beginning in the US. PS4 and PS3 customers, followed by Vita, allowing players to immediate-access stream PS3 games on their consoles.

"We'll continue to offer the best value on the market." The PS4 will be $399, this Holiday season.

Original: Sony wraps up the press conference day at E3 2013 with the main centerpiece of the PlayStation 4. Expect new details about the console, tons of games, and a side focus on the existing Vita portable and PS3 home consoles.

And of course, we here there will be some new footage and news on Bungie's Destiny, so you have to stick around for that!

The press conference is scheduled to begin at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT.

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