POLL - What 2009 Movie Are You Most Eagerly Anticipating?

Comic Book Virgin: Watching the Watchmen

While there may be a week or so left in 2008, it isn't too soon to start turning our attention in earnest to 2009. The new year isn't shaping up to be quite as strong [at least volume wise] as 2008 in the comic book/genre movie department, ut Hollywood has a few intriguing offerings in the mix throughout the year, and we want to know which you're most eagerly anticipating.

So with all due apologies and acknowledgement to Astro Boy, The Surrogates, Whiteout, G-Force, Terminator Salvation, Dragonball, Coraline, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [among others], here's five choices along with a few words about each. You can vote in the poll below and you don't have to be a registered Newsarama member to participate.

1. Watchmen (Warner Bros., March)

Hardly with anyone noticing the change, the buzz on Zack Snyder's magnum opus stopped being about what it had been for years - 'can Watchmen be successfully adapted into film' - and under all our noses became 'can it adapted satisfyingly-enough under three hours'?

Anticipation seems high, as does fans' seeming confidence Snyder can pull it off.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (20th Century Fox, May)

He's arguably Marvel's most popular character in their pantheon, has a back-story than lends itself to endless story possibilities, and he's portrayed by an actor that has already earned his claws and fan loyalty through the first three X-Men films.

If ever there was a superhero movie that could be considered a lay-up, it might be this one. As one of the only two big superhero/comic book movies of the year, barring disaster, look for Wolverine to be a lock as one of the top earning movies of the year.

3. Star Trek (Paramount, May)

Easily the film with the most riding on its success [or lack thereof], J.J. Abrams' attempt to revive the once lucrative Paramount franchise is maybe the one that induces the most jitters among fans. The rumored script issues and schedule reshuffle from this year to next summer had fans anticipating problems, but last month's trailer may have calmed the waters just a bit.

4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Warner Bros. July)

Perhaps the most interesting case study in the group. The Harry Potter franchise is seemingly as rock-solid as they come, but this will be the first Potter movie released since the book series concluded with Deathly Hollows [although to be fair, there was just 10 days between it and the last film Order of the Phoenix].

With the final fate of Harry and friends already revealed to their millions of fans for two years, will it have any affect on the anticipation for the remaining three movie adaptations? Will closure have already set in or does it up the appetite for the final three installments?

5. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (Paramount, August)

Perhaps the only film of the group that can rival Star Trek in terms of "fear factor", the franchise's army of fans young and old are shaking in their combat boots anticipating potential adaptation disaster.

Has great potential due to its multi-generational appeal, but this is perhaps the true wildcard among the five.

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