E3 2013: UBISOFT Media Briefing LIVE! Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, More!

Screenshot from Watch Dogs
Credit: Ubisoft

The third E3 2013 press conference puts Ubisoft in the spotlight as they show off their 2013 - and beyond - lineup.

Expect a big focus on their juggernaut franchise Assassin's Creed as well as the upcoming next-gen game Watch Dogs, and of course some surprises along the way.

The press conference is expected to begin at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT.

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Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains is the first to take the stage to kick off the Ubisoft press briefing, and he has a guitar.
And he is rocking right now, just blazing on a nice guitar solo.
Lots of applause for Cantrell. Now he has a different guitar, and he's talking to Kinect "Rocksmith, edit session mode, change band."
Now a synthesized band is appearing "with him" behind him projected.
That's all for Rocksmith, all-new 2014 edition "The fastest way to learn guitar"
Aisha Tyler came out to ask what he showed off. Cantrell said the band you choose in the game is reactive to how you play.
Cantrell and his virtual band! pic.twitter.com/xOlVsJyfFK
Tyler has a shirt on that says "#girlwood" sooo there you go.
"Hello everybody and welcome to Ubisoft E3 media briefing 2013!" - Tyler
"Ubisoft is diving head first into the next gen pool," Tyler promises. Starting off is Splinter Cell Blacklist, coming August 20th
Which of course is current-gen, making that tweet slightly confusing.
Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer starts with someone making a demand saying the US must bring all its troops home from every foreign site.
Blacklist is the organization you're battling, with a full team supporting Sam Fisher.
Next up is Rayman Legends - Tyler reminds us he first appeared on the Atari Jaguar - seriously.
I'm sitting directly next to the Rayman Legends dev team. They are loudly cheering for their game.
A colorful (buxom) female hero is first on screen, chased by many baddies. She has a viking helmet and an axe, and starts taking out enemies
Saving Rayman, they fall through a portal into another world area, underwater.
Rayman Legends hits September 3, 2013. A second video is running, looks like it's the standard trailer.
Rayman and the viking girl are both playable, along with a couple others. There are MP & daily challenges. crazy boss battles, musical maps
Over 120 levels total in Rayman Legends - Sept 3, 2013.
Now a newcomer "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot" is in a persistent free-to-play world. Louis-Pierre is out to show it off.
In Mighty Quest you build your castle, then add traps and creatures to keep baddies away.
You create a hero and try to defeat your own friends' castles. So both Tower Defense and action/adventure. Cool. http://www.themightyquest.com
South Park: The Stick of Truth. "With 16 seasons and a film, Parker and Stone have shown there is no subject they cannot make you laugh at"
"New Publisher, same South Park" the trailer says. It's coming this Holiday season.
Okay, that's it for current gen. "it's next-gen time," says Tyler. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is out now
He's a full head shorter than Tyler, and everyone is laughing. "I know, I'm a giantess, I get it."
Yves: "I want to show you a new game. I'm convinced it's going to revolutionize the genre. It's called The Crew."
Hmm, looks like it's a racing game. Trailer going now, tires rolling into place, other car parts snapping onto the tires.
Racing games: The easiest way to show off next-gen graphics.
The Crew is a persistent world, MMO Racing game.
Now Creative Director Julian Gerighty out to talk more about The Crew.
"How do we use this new tech to create a better driving game." They seek to make "the whole of the USA" in the game, all terrain types.
"You'll seek to take over a criminal organization [through driving] one city at a time" in The Crew.
The game's Online persistent world "blurs the lines between single player, competitive, and co-op"
Live demo of The Crew shows racing in NYC, exploration in the Black Hills, racing a friend's "ghost" in Vegas, & finally co-op in Miami.
There was no separation of the experience, as the other three join the one in Miami to help him in a mission run.
In the live co-op demo, all four are trying to take out a stronger car, and finally do to end it.
You can also customize your cars on an iPad/tablet for part of the second screen experience.
Sounds like Watch Dogs is next! Sure is, with Dominic Guay, Senior Producer Ubi Montreal
'Everything is connected" so what if we could have a device that could hack anything?
That's the timely premise of this game, as you hack the lives and world around people as a vigilante.
The new trailer got big applause. "Expect to be seeing a lot more of Watch Dogs very soon" possibly at the Sony conference?
No live demo here, bet that'll be at Sony.
Just Dance 2014 for "Every Console"
Up to six player dances. Also the first thing all day that I've seen a wii-mote in.
Rabbids Invasion - new TV show on Nickelodeon - you can watch it on TV and play it on "interactive screens"
Adrian Lacey on stage to explain the interactivity of the TV show. He's also very short compared to Aisha Tyler.
Rabbids Invasion in a close partnership with Xbox One.
While the show is going, you can aim at the rabbids with your finger, throwing eggs while they do, for example.
Observation games, a mission where you scream along with them, very interesting.
And finally, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is here.
Brand new trailer time! it has Assassins. And Pirates!
A bar fight starts, seemingly innocuous, and turning deadly very fast. All to conceal the death and theft from a character in the bar.
Ship-to-Ship battles are back, naturally, and trailer makes it look like there will be an emphasis on boarding the enemy ship.
Creative Director Jean Guesdon out to talk a bit more about ACIV
Guesdon says that while "Swashbuckling" is important, it's only part of the story of Kenway.
Every design decision made was made around the idea of Pirates living for the moment and being willing to die young.
In-game footage to close it out here at Ubisoft's E3 Presser.
Graphically definitely a step up from ACIII. Incredible Carribean island villas. Again, heavy emphasis on ship-to-ship and boarding fights
Swimming, ancient temples - looks like a lot more exploration.
Hmm, another trailer.
Trials Fusion, crazy build-your-own track motocross game, moves right into another Trials game for mobile devices - Trials Frontier
"One future, two Trials" 2014 for both games. Fusion for Xbox One, 360, PS4, and PC, Frontier for "mobile devices"
Yves came back out to say thank you to fans. "I have something more to show you today. We want to take advantage of the new gen."
Ubisoft entering the world of massive open-world RPG. Dark Winter experiment…
The idea circles around a pandemic spreading on Black Friday. "By the time the first person has symptoms, millions will be infected."
The trailer shows the systematic collapse of all infrastructure, predicting a five-day global collapse.
"What will it take to save what remains?" Nicklas Cederstrom, creative director of Massive Entertainment.
"The Division, the last hope to save the world." One person is playing on a console, one on a tablet in a game demo.
The game is called The Division, and you control one of these elite agents trained specifically to deal with the result of a mass pandemic.
The game is being live-demoed on a PS4, it appears. Lots of radio chatter with partners.
After shots fired, new objectives come up, and the team of three launches an assault. AI partners call out enemy positions.
Lots of environmental interaction, from shooting windows out to closing car doors. One player jumped out and his character became AI.
The group of players ran into another group of players and started fighting them. Very interesting.
Tom Clancy's The Division. Online Open-World RPG shooter.
Coming for PS4 & Xbox One. No date. That's it for Ubisoft E3! Onward to Sony in a couple hours!

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