E3 2013: EA Media Briefing LIVE! DRAGON AGE 3, BATTLEFIELD 4, and More!

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EA is second to bat with a media briefing today in Los Angeles at E3 2013.

Expected from EA, we'll be seeing first time footage from Dragon Age 3, some big reveals for the fps Battlefield 4, and of course the wide world of EA Sports.

The conference is expected to begin at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT.

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Update: Now that the presentation has wrapped, here are the original tweets collected from our LIVE coverage, back in proper order.

Peter Moore on stage "We're about to go live in a few minutes. I'm Peter Moore, I work here."

Moore teasing what's coming up, including the return of NBA Live, more TitanFall, "Everything you'll see here is XBONE or PS4"

And we're kicking off here at the EA press conference!

Screens fall from the sky, turning into one giant three piece screen sporting the EA logo. And Peter Moore is back! COO of EA.

"Welcome to the Download, the showcase of new games coming soon from all of us at Electronic Arts." - Moore

"Everything you see in the next hour, 11 great games, brand new code for PS4 and Xbox One. These are the games that will define new consoles

Moore teased EA Sports, Battlefield, Dragon Age, and new games like Titanfall.

Starting off, we have the Frostbite 3 engine on display, but it's not BF4, it's Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare!

The game looks hilarious, with all the insane zombie and plant types you know & love from the addictive tower defense game used in a shooter.

John Vechey of pop cap comes out in a zombie head. "WOW, I'm on stage at E3! Announcing a 3rd person action title by PopCap!"

PvZ: Garden Warfare, coming first to Xbox One, then to Xbox 360. "It won't tickle your funny bone, it'll chew the whole damn thing off"

Justin Wiebe and Brian Lindley on stage to demo 4 player co-op survivor mode.

The game has all the trappings of a triple-A shooter, but also all the trappings of PvZ. "The Zombies are coming" You can plant helpers.

While the player is being peashooter, they change to chomper, and continue to plant other helpers to stop the zombies.

Steph from PopCap shows off sunflower, then another shows Cactus (the sniper). Boss Wave has disco zombies.

They beat Disco Zombie, and the Gargantur showed up - he's biiig. He summons a garlic drone, and take down the boss.

PvZ Garden Warfare, coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 - also, Peggle 2 is coming later this year for undefined platforms.

Vince Zampella is on stage to show off Titanfall, which we saw at the MS conference. Spring 2014 for Xbox One, 360, and PC.

A video of the Respawn team and some in-game footage is now playing. "Inside Titanfall"

Drew McCoy says they didn't want to "retread old ground." Steve Fukuda says the unusual blend of soldiers and titan mechs makes it unique.

"You're not just there with your friends, you're in a living, breathing world." says another employee.

The game is meant to "pit two different playstyles, almost two different games against each other."

the levels are built to work for Titans and for pilots. You can get in and out of a titan as you play.

Frank Gibeau, president EA labels says "gaming on consoles will never be the same again" expressing excitement for the next gen.

EA Sports Ignite and Frostbite 3 are the two new engines being used to make all of their new games.


Just a tiny teaser, but Star Wars: Battlefront is in development! Yowza. Audience went nuts.

Now a new Need for Speed trailer for Need for Speed: Rivals brings out Marcus Nilsson, Exec Producer.

You can play as a racer or cop - or on a tablet as a helicopter pilot helping the racer. games can start as singleplayer and become mp.

Pretty intense racing, and the second player jumping in as the cop worked great.

Now, there's also a Need for Speed movie, and we're getting a behind the scenes look at that!

The movie, staring Aaron Paul who introed the footage is meant to be "authentic to racing culture"

DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION is next, Aaryn Flynn, GM is up.

It's coming Fall 2014. "We're taking the time to create a deep experience for you."

Actual game footage trailer is up. Loooots of dead soldiers. VARRIC! (and Bianca, of course)

All out war with the Chantry, it seems. A rift opens in the sky with all sorts of demons - and dragons."

Morrigan was narrating the trailer and showed up at the end. Another year and a half for that one, sorry Dragon Age fans!

An EA Sports highlight reel ran, and Andrew Wilson, head of EA Sports is on stage. "We're proud of our past, history, legacy"

"But today we're talking about the future." The EA Sports Ignite engine gives human intelligence, true player motion, and living worlds.

NBA Live 14 being introduced by some... one? "This release is the return."

Sean O'Brien, EP and Kyrie Irving from Cleveland Cavs are on stage.

bounceTek is new technology. Irving did mocap for the game to help them change their dribble mechanic.

"We're actually releasing the ball to physics. We separate the ball from the hand to give the player unprecedented control."

Stats will update within an hour of the player's performance in real life. "NBA Live is back" First trailer, starring Irving.

He dribbled a lot in the trailer. and it faded to black as he shot. Next is Cam Weber, GM American Football for Madden NFL 25.

"Everything you see is gameplay footage." True Step movement for better, more realistic motion. Player Sense for better reaction.

"War in the trenches" makes lineplay "the foundation of Madden." O-line dynamic shifts, pocket awareness.

Adrian Peterson is the cover athlete for Madden 25 - available for pre-order on XBOne and PS4 now.

Gameplay trailer for Madden 25 looks like a pre-rendered cutscene. pretty crazy.

now, "The next generation of FIFA" also featuring gameplay and some football stars. Also, very pretty.

Now pop star Drake is out on stage. "My life takes me to places all around the world. I meet people from every walk of life."

"My passion for soccer runs deep, my respect for the FIFA team runs just as deep."

Drake introduces Matt Bilbey, Group GM who's going to show us some more FIFA gameplay, set in Barcelona.

"You'll see and feel reactions made by players and crowds." Pro instincts gives better play by your players. Precision movement.

The new consoles allow for "hundreds of new skills to make the artistry of football come to life."

Fifa 14, coming this fall on Xbox One and PS4.

And now, the head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson & president of UFC Dana White, Jon Jones, UFC light heavyweight champ, Benson Henderson UFC lightweight champ

They're all on stage to talk about UFC, naturally. "It's awesome to be part of the fastest growing sport on the planet."

White "Fighting was the first sport on the planet. 1 guy threw a punch, and anyone else standing around gathered to watch."

Wilson introduced new features "MMAi system - fighters organically change their strategies throughout the fight."

Jones fought a wrestler, knew he'd try to take him down, and Jones took him down first - that kind of alteration will happen in the game.

"Full Body Deformation" is another new feature. Game launches worldwide on Xbox One and PS4 in Spring 2014.

And onto Battlefield 4 with Patrick Bach and Karl Magnus Troedsson at DICE

New mode for BF4- Commander mode. You can enjoy in the living room or on the go on your tablet.

Battlelog updated as well.

And now, a 64 player live multiplayer game demo. There are actually 64 players on stage right now.

There is also a commander online, who tells his team where to converge "hit Attack point B" & point B becomes highlighted on their screens.

Dynamically destructive environment, he took out a support pillar underground, and sent the tank above it crashing down.

This is a MASSIVE map, looks like it's basically all of Shanghai. We've seen vehicles like boats, choppers, tanks, jeeps.

Left the boat on a jetski to get away from a helicopter in pursuit, and ran into a building. Working elevator in there takes them to the top

In the building, and there are tanks trying to take the building down. Commander fired heavy artillery at the tanks.

the building was unstable, so they JUMPED OUT OF IT with parachutes, and then watched as it collapsed. The entire building.

But that's not all: Mirror's Edge 2 is finally coming! "When it's ready!"

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