E3 2013: XBOX ONE Media Briefing Shows Off New Games

Credit: Microsoft

We begin our LIVE coverage of E3 2013 today with the first press conference of the day: Microsoft and the Xbox brand. That means they'll be covering the upcoming Xbox One as well as the current-gen Xbox 360. Expect nothing but games here - none of the multimedia presentation from the initial announcement. They've talked about those features already, and today want to go game crazy.

The presentation is scheduled to begin at 9am PDT/12pm EDT.

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Update: Now that the presentation has wrapped, here are the original tweets collected from our LIVE coverage, back in proper order.

And away we go! The lights are dimming and the briefing is beginning. Kicking off with... Konami. Interesting!

"Let the legend come back to life" leads into gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid, with an open world.

The game will have real-time weather, new stealth mechanics, and realistic passage of time - & it looks very pretty.

It looks like the new MGS will have a full team of characters working alongside Snake - including Ocelot!

That's Metal Gear Solid V, gets lots of applause. Now, Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojima to talk more about the game.

"Good morning everyone, and welcome to E3" - Don. Hideo says that Xbox One will "make Metal Gear shine."

"It's all about the games." Including 13 next gen titles you'll find only on Xbox One. But first, Xbox360 gets the spotlight.

Yusuf Mehdi announces a new design for the Xbox 360, smaller, and sleeker, and available now.

Xbox Live Gold members will now start getting 2 free games per month, like PS+ does. First two are ACII and Halo 3

There are plenty of new Xbox 360 games coming, Mehdi promises. Now a trailer is running for one of those games as a tank is drawn on screen

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition - it's exactly what it sounds like, massive tank battles. Things go boom.

Victor Kislyi from WarGaming is on stage to talk more about World of Tanks, coming from PC to Xbox 360.

The game offers 15 on 15 team warfare "we have worked hard to adapt and tailor the experience to Xbox 360."

World of Tanks is free-to-play (and download) on Xbox 360 this summer.

Two more titles coming to 360 close out that portion of the show. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is first. A kid wishes his brother away.

He has to follow him into another dimension to platform and puzzle solve his way to rescue.

Namco Bandai and From Software are bringing a new game featuring a lone knight battling his way through swathes of enemies to the 360.

"Go beyond death." Dark Souls II.

Next is Phil Spencer. "Welcome to the new generation of games. Everything we show from here on is Xbox One."

"We have more titles in dev now than any time in Xbox history." A new franchise starts it off, and a trailer begins.

"There once was a shining city on 7 hills, a place of beauty and freedom." says the VO. Images show the fall of Rome.

Filius Romae Venit, RYSE: Son of Rome is the game. Now onto gameplay in the trailer!

After a rousing speech, a battle begins with the character and his soldiers running off ships onto a beach, arrows & fire coming at them.

It's like the classic WWII storm-the-beach scene, but with ancient weaponry. 3rd person sword-shield combat begins.

There are button prompts after a few hits to activate the kill sequences. your character gets help from his fellow soldiers, by user command

The game is being played live on stage. It skips to the destruction of the tower portion of the level. Kicking people off battlements.

The kills are brutal - you can command other soldiers to objectives while doing your own fighting.

Using the enemy's own catapults, the Romans take out the towers and storm the gates in victory. & That's Ryse: Son of Rome.

From Microsoft Studios and Crytek - now Cevat Yerli from Crytek.

"With Ryse Son of Rome you will be Marius Titus. W/ the amazing power of Xbox One, we finally have the ability. Exclusive, launch title."

KILLER INSTINCT is next! Another Xbox One exclusive.

Spencer "We listened and Killer Instinct is back, only on Xbox One."

Tedd Price from Insomniac takes the stage - classically a Sony developer, Insomniac introduces Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One.

Price: We can introduce new weapons, levels, and more daily, inspired by our players. Exclusive to Xbox One.

The trailer for Sunset Overdrive shows some crazy free running as a guy with a shotgun battles some zombie-esque creatures.

He's then joined by other players, and boosts his gun with a powerup. Quick trailer for Sunset Overdrive.

Now, what appears to be a Forza trailer talking about Maclaren and their incredible cars. Forza allows you to experience driving the car.

1 of 2 of Maclaren's newest car, the P1, is on stage to show off Forza Motorsport 5. "The new gen is about capturing the details."

The AI is actually "Drivatar" - AI that has learned from other players and how they drive. Race against others even when they're not there.

As I'm terrible at racing games, you'll all want to play against my Drivatar as much as possible.

The game looks great as an all-in-game trailer airs to close out this portion. Drivatar is certainly intriguing. That's Forza 5.

Phil Harrison is next on stage. "It's a real pleasure to be here on this stage. No one has been more committed to indie development than us"

PH: "Of course that continues today. Platform features & capabilities on Xbox One make it" easier than ever for indie devs.

"The megahit from 360 is coming to One" It's Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

The game will feature bigger worlds and bigger multiplayer. Harrison moves on to Quantum Break, and creative director Sam Lake.

Remedy has "set out to blur the lines between gaming and television." There is a personalized version of the "TV show" made by your gameplay

Lake says it's the "ultimate Remedy experience," before introducing a new trailer of in-game footage.

The lead character in Quantum Break has survived a failed science experiment that broke time, causing it to stutter and freeze.

The game looks incredible - detailed people; the lead can locally unfreeze parts of time.

Next is a cell-shaded game called D4 - "Another example of our commitment to working with devs all around the world" - Harrison.

Next Dave McCarthy from Microsoft Studios. "This team came together to put the gift of games in the hands of everyone."

Project Spark lets you create your own gameworld, and eventually your own game, you can then share with others to play.

SPARK uses Kinect, plus Smart Glass, to create the world. They created a basic world in just one minute.

It uses all kinds of input - Kinect, controller, and smart glass. You can then pull in all sorts of characters - anything can become alive.

Others can then remix and build on your world or game. Using a combination of Props and Brain Tiles you can build just about anything.

Project Spark is coming to Xbox One and Windows 8.

Marc Whitten is next up "These games are made possible only by Xbox One architecture" and now he's here to talk about Xbox LIVE improvements

Xbox Smartglass (Any device, ios, android, and microsoft tablets) demoed with Ryse: Son of Rome.

Gives a timeline, shows stat comparisons with friends, video highlights, and hints on what to do next.

Smart Match allows you to setup a multiplayer match in a different game in the background while playing one.

A producer on Killer Instinct comes out as she switches into that game - to get her butt kicked by him in a match.

He says "Xbox, Upload Studio" where he can edit, record commentary, and upload his clip to show off his victory.

"Xbox Broadcast" now allows her to share directly through twitch - built into Xbox One.

Your voice and video becomes part of the experience, and watchers can interact with comments in the twitch feed.

"You'll no longer be limited to 100 friends" and no more Microsoft Points - real money. Xbox Live Gold shares across your household too.

Technical difficulties made the Crimson Dragon demo silent. Oops!

Capcom is up for DEAD RISING 3 next. New hero, Nick Ramos, 3 days after outbreak.

Dead Rising 3 is prettier, has WAY more zombies - they're everywhere. climbing on a roof shows hundreds, if not thousands.

The entire city has no load times. "Anything and everything is a weapon" as usual for the series.

After using a flare for distraction, he grabs a machine gun and plows through several zombies. "The world is full of 100s of weapons"

He combined a sledgehammer and a buzzsaw, and it was awesome. Hopped in a car, but they can grab onto doors and windows and still attack.

With Smart glass, you can call in artillery, snipers, or flares into your Dead Rising game. Explosive finale.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is up next. New combat, non-linear story, completely free roaming for the first time in the series. Over 100 hrs.

Optional Voice commands and combat for quick switching and casting of spells. Inventory management via Smart Glass.

The Witcher 3 trailer shows many environments, battling other soldiers, trolls, huge beasts.

Patrick Soderlund from EA/DICE is up with some Battlefield 4 action, it looks. "With Frostbite 3, a true next gen engine brings a new era."

The gameplay shown today is running at 60fps, "dynamic gameplay that can happen only in Battlefield."

Sound issues again. Trying to fix them - Battlefield 4 Second Assault is coming first on Xbox One (announcement made in the meantime).

And here we go. Issues fixed, starting with "Angry Sea"

Tight close-quarters assault in a boat with 3 squad members helping. The boat appears to be falling apart, and finally breaks in half.

Now out on the deck of the aircraft carrier, it's falling apart, planes falling into the ocean - and usable as weapons against enemies.

Dynamic sight switching on weapons looks pretty cool, change to the situation/distance you're fighting in.

Moves into boat combat after escaping the wreckage, until that speedboat gets blown up and the demo ends.

"The first BF4 map pack will launch on Xbox One before anywhere else." As we saw earlier. Spencer is back on stage.

A new indie game called Below is next. "What Lies Below" A multiplayer dungeon crawler from Capy.

Black Tusk is making a new game, new IP for Xbox One. title unrevealed.

"Heroes like Master Chief and Marcus Fenix have defined new consoles" Microsoft is investing in five new studios for Xbox One.

Another game trailer, featuring someone walking in white sands. A very close moon on the horizon. Crazy vehicle rises out of the sands.

Lone figure pulls out dog tags, and it's Master Chief! revealed as his hood pulls back. It's HALO "2014, your journey beings on xbox one"

343 is out, "last week we announced Spartan Assault for Windows 8, now a new Halo for Xbox One." It's "enhanced by cloud computing" 60 FPS

Spencer seems to be going into wrap-up mode. Xbox One launches in November 2013 at $499 and 499 Euros, 429 pounds.

No specific release date. but $499 is the price, November 2013 worldwide. Xbox One

One more exclusive to close out, from Respawn Entertainment.

Titanfall features include guns, mechs, and explosions. And invisibility armor.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn out to talk more about Titanfall. "partnering with Microsoft has given us the opportunity to define next gen"

Reports coming out that Xbox One games will be $80 in the US. No official announcement at the conference.

Titanfall multiplayer demo shows how you'll pull in titans in-game to help accomplish your mission. Tear people out of theirs, cool combat.

Cool moment, ejecting from your failing titan and landing on the enemy, tearing it apart. That's all for Titanfall, spring 2014 on Xbox One!

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