More Bat-Family Titles Joins BATMAN: ZERO YEAR Event in November

Batman #21 preview
Credit: DC Comics

The New York Post is reporting Monday morning of a series of tie-ins to Scott Snyder's upcoming retelling of Batman's early days, Batman: Zero Year.

According to the Post's report, an as yet unannounced selection of Batman family titles will cross over with the event for a single issue starting in November.

Regarding the origins of the tie-ins, Snyder was quoted as saying, “I was writing it as a singular story and some of other writers asked with the Bat-characters in particular, if they might be able to show where their characters were during this kind of seminal moment in the story, when Gotham is at a very dangerous moment.”

“This is an opportunity for them to show where their character is … and to give you a secret moment from the history of that character that you might not have seen before.”

Batman: Zero Year is a story arc from the Court of Owls team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo chronicling Bruce Wayne's earliest adventures as Batman. It begins this week with Batman #21 , and will run for 11 issues.

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