BRAINIAC Re-Enters the New 52 Just in Time for VILLAINS Month

Brainiac in the New 52
Credit: DC Comics

Before Brainiac stars in his own Villains Month special by Tony Bedard and Pascal Alixe, DC Comics latest "What's New in the New 52" focuses on the Superman villain as well.

While not much is said about the villain, his Villains Month spotlight - and the sketch - reveals that we'll be getting some backstory on the character, showing his evolution and motivation into the world-stealer we know.

Bob Harras noted on the Source, "We already know that Brainiac has been collecting worlds. But why does he do what he does? Surely this psychopath must have motives beyond just trying to save the civilizations being threatened by the 5th dimension – but what are they? What will happen when a new superhero discovers the truth? And how will her startling revelation impact the rest of the DC Universe?"

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