Superman vs Zod, Winter Soldier vs Cap, Beast vs Magneto, Gunn vs Raccoon? Hollywood Roundup

Nicholas Hoult as BEAST in X-Men: DOFP
Credit: Fox

Comic book Hollywood is big business - just ask Marvel Studios about their last two movies, Iron Man 3 and Avengers if you need over two and a half billion reasons why. With no less than three superhero movies currently filming and a much larger batch in various stages of pre and post production, it's no surprise we have a bunch of new looks inside the worlds of comic book movies for you today.

Kansas Throwdown in MAN OF STEEL

As the talk show circuit carries on for the stars of Warner Bros' Man of Steel, hitting theaters June 14, 2013, new clips from the film are popping up everywhere. In this clip from The Tonight Show, star Henry Cavill talks about getting in and out of the new super suit, working on his American accent, and at about 3:15 shows off a new clip of him pummeling General Zod mid-flight.

Credit: James Gunn


Director James Gunn has repeatedly talked on social media about how much he's been studying the movement and behaviors of real-life raccoons in order to get the look and feel of the off-beat character, Rocket Raccoon, just right for his film version of Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the comic books, Rocket is essentially just a very diminutive person. He moves and acts like a person wearing a raccoon costume, rather than like a raccoon that happens to have sentience, but Gunn hopes to change that.

In a recent post on Twitter and facebook, Gunn joked "I've just hired a new gaffer for the shoot. Chewing on wires is good, right?" accompanied by the picture to your right (click for the whole image).

Credit: Fox

Beast & Magneto Get Wet

Nicholas Hoult is looking blue as he battles Michael Fassbender on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

In a huge gallery at (click over for about 20 more similar pictures), Hoult, in full Beast makeup (and muscle suit), tussles with Magneto in a fountain. There's no context offered to the scene, so we can only assume Magneto made a "Yo Momma so Hairy" joke or slid an iron bar into Beast's sandwich just as he was biting down. Look for that scene when the movie hits next year.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Steve Rogers vs Winter Soldier Throwdown

The reunion of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes doesn't exactly mean sunshine and lollipops for the old friends, as readers of the comic Marvel Studios' based the solo sequel to Captain America upon know.

The (first?) fight between the two was captured by, with Chris Evans in streetclothes as Steve Rogers, not in his full Captain America costume, indicating this is early in the film, or during some sort of ambush. Take a look here, and see a few more images of the throwdown at the link.

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