MAN OF STEEL #1 Outpacing IRON MAN 3 Sales on Fandango

Credit: Warner Bros

A few Hollywood news sites are reporting Wednesday afternoon that Man of Steel is now the top-selling film on Fandango, despite the film not officially opening until Friday (well, Thursday evening) June 14.

According to the reports Man of Steel is already outpacing The Purge and The Internship, which both open this week, and it's reportedly outpacing all other summer 2013 releases at the same point in its release cycle. This presumably includes Iron Man 3, which opened to $174.1 million in North America the first weekend in May and will eventually accumulate over $1.2 billion worldwide. has not recorded a review yet, but buzz is building for the Superman reboot and if you like to read tea leaves you could interrupt Warner Bros.' very aggressive promotion (particularly with multiple TV spots ) as a sign of growing confidence in the film.

Comic book readers know the at least immediate fate of a Justice League film is presumed to be hinge on Man of Steel being a box office success and a critical launching pad for a cinematic DC Universe the way the original Iron Man was for Marvel.

And as is increasingly the case these days, the key to Man of Steel's success will be at the foreign box office. Iron Man 3 will eventually make over 2/3rd's of its overall revenue in foreign territories, and given the already global iconic status of Superman, evenly a modestly well-received film heavy on action should score big overseas.

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