ZAURIEL's Back in the New 52

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC's latest 'What's New in the New 52' installment finally features a character likely on the heroic side and it's the return of the angel Zauriel to the DC Universe.

The guardian angel Zauriel was originally created by Grant Morrison during the writer's seminal JLA run (issue #6 to be exact), due to Hawkman being declared off limits at the time by DC editorial because of that character's convoluted/pre-Geoff Johns reboot continuity.

According to DC, Zauriel will return in next month's Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #10, as the quest to save the souls of his wife and kids takes the Phantom Stranger to Heaven.

"Acting as a guide of sorts to help The Stranger locate his family, Zauriel has actually been connected to The Stranger for centuries … but why?" asks DC's editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. "And when The Stranger butts up against the strict rules of Heaven, there’ll be severe consequences – and it’ll be up to Zauriel to make sure he pays. Can Zauriel keep The Stranger in check long enough to avoid big conflict?"

Previous DC 'What's New' editions have featured teases of the 'Anti-Batman and Robin' Wrath and Scorn , Dr. Phosphorus, Cheshire and Bronze Tiger, among several others.

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