AVENGERS ALLIANCE Comes to iOS, Android - Productivity Among Geeks Drops

We've made no secret of our love for Marvel's Avengers Alliance, the highly addictive free-to-play Final Fantasy battle-style RPG on facebook. Which is why today's announcement at USAToday.com is the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Avengers Alliance is going mobile.

Credit: Disney Interactive

Yes, on June 13, 2013, the game comes to iOS (with an Android version also in the works - no release date other than "soon" there yet), and the productivity of geeks will come to a screeching halt. Now able to play the game in the bathroom, on the bus, in the lunchroom - it's going to be easier than ever to waste hours a day sending your collection of heroes from Iron Man to Black Knight on flight missions and taking down MODOK for the 145th time.

Just five days later, the game will launch its 13th Chapter, the first of "Season 2" which will focus on taking the fight around the world (the first chapter is in England), as well as continuing to introduce new heroes. The first two Season 2 heroes announced? Moon Knight and Squirrel Girl.

And thus, our post rate may decrease a bit. Sorry, but you can blame Disney Interactive and Marvel Entertainment.

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