Adam Kubert Covers INFINITY #2

Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel event series Infinity starts in August, but we're fast-forwarding to September, with a look at Adam Kubert's cover to issue #2, first seen on the freshly relaunched ComicsAlliance. Click "view full size image" above to see the whole thing. (Kubert also illustrated the main cover to Infinity #1.)

The six-part main Infinity series is written by Jonathan Hickman, with art from Jim Cheung, Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver. Beyond the main book, the story will tie-in to Hickman-written Avengers and New Avengers; plus Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble, Thunderbolts, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up and more.

The story focused on two fronts: The Avengers taking to outer space to confront The Builders, which leaves Earth ripe for an attack from Thanos.

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