Final DEADPOOL Boxart Reveals WOLVERINE, Other Guest Stars

Deadpool PS3 final Boxart
Credit: Activision

Deadpool has a new game coming, and he has some friends coming along for the ride. Thanks to the reveal of the final box art (click the picture above for the whole thing), we now know that joining the Merc' with a Mouth will be Cable, Rogue, Domino, Psylocke, and the newest recruit, Wolverine.

Deadpool of course is a product of the Weapon X program, itself an offshoot of the Weapon + program. Weapon X started with Wolverine, and Deadpool's own enhanced healing factor is based partially off of Logan's.

As with most of the promotional work for Deadpool, this one came with a message from Wade Wilson himself. Enjoy.

Deadpool Wolverine Reveal Card
Deadpool Wolverine Reveal Card
Credit: Activision

Deadpool: Oh hey, LOOK, it's everyone's faaaaaaaaavorite comic book character – Wolverine – appearing in yet ANOTHER thing he doesn't belong in – MY upcoming video game from Activision Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Entertainment, DEADPOOL, starring ME, Deadpool, and NOBODY ELSE.
Who approved this?! What is with everyone loving Wolverine when I am cooler in every possible way? Who has the cooler costume color palette? Deadpool. Who can fight in melee AND at range? Deadpool! Who forgets his past through repression, like a NORMAL PERSON, rather than dumb amnesia? DEADPOOL!
Sigh...some top brass are telling me I'm contractually obligated to say ONE nice thing about Wolverine before I go, so here goes...
Dear Wolverine: I guess, when put aside the grand history of human conflict and suffering, the lame tank tops you insist on wearing sometimes aren't THAT bad, bub.

Looking forward to working with you,
DEADPOOL is available for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, and PC on June 25, 2013 and is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB

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